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    What are best teas for high blood pressure?

    What are the best teas to reduce high blood pressure? I am 50 years old and my blood pressure averages mid 130's/mid 80's. I have tried many supplements and herbs over the years to reduce my blood pressure. Teas seem to be the most effective for me. I am currently drinking Rooibos, Nettles...
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    Do I really need Arestin treatment?

    My dentist recommended that I have scaling and root planing done on my entire mouth and Arestin treatment for my entire mouth the same day. I have many or several 4 and 5mm pockets and one tooth with 6mm pockets. The scaling and root planing seems to be in order, but I have read quite a bit of...
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    What is truly high blood pressure for a male age 46 in good health?

    I am 46 years old, in good health, exercise regularly, and have a healthy diet. What is your opinion of a healthy blood pressure range for someone like me? The pharmaceutical industry and possibly other naughty interests have a lot of influence on health diagnostic levels, so I don't trust...
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    How long should I test different high blood pressure remedies?

    I have a few lists of herbal and vitamin remedies for high blood pressure that I obtained from googling and forums. Some of the remedies are included on all the lists so I am going to start testing these first. How long should I try each remedy to see if it works for me? Thanks for any replies.