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    Coconut Oil - A Superfood

    Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is very similar to breast milk. Lauric acid is a healthy medium-chain fatty acid(MCFAs) that does not accumulate in blood vessels, but directly produces energy, promotes metabolism and enhances physical strength.
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    Kombucha Benefits

    Kombucha is very tasty and has a variety of health effects. It is a tea drink and a probiotic drink. Therefore, the Kombucha drink has both the efficacy of a tea beverage and the efficacy of a probiotic beverage.
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    Vit D Levels Can and Do Drop After Most Surgeries

    Regular sun exposure can delay aging, which plays a role in vitamin D. Studies have shown that people with higher levels of vitamin D in the body are about 10 years younger than those with lower vitamin D. 90% of the vitamin D needed by the human body needs to be obtained by sun exposure. The...
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    Knowledge=health=freedom. Natural healing therapies and techniques.

    In recent years, more and more people have chosen natural remedies. Natural therapy treats the root cause of the disease. It does not just eliminate the symptoms of the disease, and then treat the disease thoroughly. Through natural remedies, many diseases are completely cured and no longer relapse.
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    My dilemma with vitamin D

    I recommend eating more foods rich in vitamin D3, which can be better absorbed by the body. Some foods naturally contain vitamin D3. Fish and cod liver oil are rich in vitamin D3, especially tuna and salmon. Other foods such as egg yolks, cheese and beef liver also contain vitamin D3. Milk...
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    Exercise is the most effective medicine

    If there is a free medicine that can cure or alleviate most diseases and even prolong life, it is exercise.
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    "Natural Treatments for Cold and Flu"

    Yes, natural remedies have obvious medical effects, so more and more patients believe that natural remedies are a safe and effective medical method.
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    Fluoride - KILLING Us Softly

    There is a lot of scientific evidence that fluoride used to prevent tooth decay does not have any effect on human health. The use of fluoride toothpaste is completely problem-free and can effectively prevent tooth decay.
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    Home remedy for Dandruff?

    If you have too much dandruff, you can wash your hair every day. The shampoo can play a important role in removing fungi, oil and excess keratinocytes, further inhibiting the growth of fungi and producing a therapeutic effect on dandruff.
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    Oscillococcinum - My Flu Remedy

    Lysine is one of the essential substances in the human body. It can promote human growth and development, enhance immune function, and improve the function of central nervous system.
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    Rinitadine for heartburn / indigestion, being withdrawn from sale

    Rinitadine is a stomach drug that relieves heartburn, but it has recently been found to contain a small amount of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), an impurity that causes cancer. Most of the ranitidines on the market seem to have the same problem.
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    Nuts are good for the brain

    Nuts are rich in lecithin. Regular consumption of nuts can improve blood circulation, inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent cerebral thrombosis, delay brain function decline, enhance memory, and delay aging.
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    Lavender Oil is the best remedy for Depression.

    An aromatic compound found in lavender, which may be a stimulating and energizing scent that can relieve anxiety and depression by affecting the brain through the sense of smell.
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    Benefits of tea tree oil

    Tea tree oil is very effective for anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Many studies have found that People can use tea tree oil to treat contact dermatitis, athlete's foot, head lice or acne.
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    Your Heart's Best Friend - Dog Ownership

    I agree that, in fact, having a dog's companion can change lifestyles, thereby reducing heart attacks and improving overall cardiovascular health.