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    Paleo Diet helped Auto-immune disease.

    Hi there, I have recently been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Sarcoidosois.(Causes Myotosis(muscle inflammation) in my quadriceps muscles). I was looking for a natural way to treat it when I found that a friend of mine who had Hashimotos disease had reversed it using the Paleo...
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    How good are conventional cancer treatments?

    A number of people I know are undergoing the trial of trying to survive cancer. I am investigating the effectiveness of the treatments for cancer that are routinely prescribed by doctors. One particular website that I came across listed the various cancers and the associated survival rates when...
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    Beware: Check medical advice!!

    I have just viewed a DVD called "One Answer to Cancer" that was produced by Elaine Hollingsworth. Elaine and many other skin cancer sufferers were prescribed a drug called "Aldara". The "MIMS" handbook on the drug was very specific. It is not to be used on people over the age of 65 or under 18...
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    Question:How to recommend treatments.

    I have recently seen a DVD championing the success of an age old herbal cure called "*****" (I hesitate to name it because I've been banned from one cancer forum and had my post deleted from another cancer forum for mentioning the name of this treatment) As soon as I saw it on the DVD I...
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    can there ever be a clinical trial for cheap cancer cure

    Ever wonder why all the cancer cures are very expensive.... not one is inexpensive? Here is the conundrum: People say " I'd like to see such & such cancer cure proved by a clinical trial". Well, the cheaper and more accessable it is, the less chance that it will ever be proven to work. Clinical...