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    Health Elixir from Juicing Cannabis?

    I just finished reading an article claiming that juicing cannabis can strengthen immunity, bones, and the nervous system. I live in California where some of my conditions would actually qualify me for a medical marijuana card but I've never really considered it a viable enough method to pursue...
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    Exercising While Ill

    I've heard that exercising in the early stages of a cold or flu can bolster immunity so the illness isn't so severe but is that actually true or just a myth? I'm already pretty sick so I think I'm in the resting stage but I wonder if I would have been able to reduce the severity had I exercised...
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    CBD Oil for Cancer?

    My uncle was recently diagnosed with cancer and he's been exploring several different options for treating his illness. He was telling me he was interested in trying CBD oil but I guess they do some process to the oil so when you take it, it doesn't make you high. I'm not against marijuana or...
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    Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract

    A few years ago, I was taking Nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract daily and I never got sick. For financial reasons, I unfortunately had to give it up but a few months ago, I returned to buying it. I noticed the taste was pretty different than before. Originally, it was overwhelmingly bitter...
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    Holistic Treatment of Lung Infection

    I struggled with asthma as a child but when I got into my 20s, I simply threw away my doctor-prescribed inhaler and felt fine. I haven't had any severe episodes in years but I recently caught what's been going around and it's developed into a lung infection. I haven't smoked marijuana in a few...