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    Royal Jelly fresh vs freeze dried.

    Some say freeze dried damages the nutrients. A couple of reputable mushroom supplement companies freeze dry their medicinal extracts. They would not do that if freeze drying damages some of the nutrients. One reviewer on Amazon said he has been taking royal jelly for twenty years and has tried...
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    Fish oil tips.

    High dose DHA does the most good. High dose DHA capsules are not good cuz they lack cofactors. Me and Janet we take wild salmon fish oil for pets cuz it costs less. Taking it with MCT oil increases the effectiveness according to David Avocado Wolfe.
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    Synergy program tips.

    The idea behind the synergy program is that when people take a big variety they can take small doses of each individual category. The categories are raw organic fruits and vegetables, raw grass fed animal products, super food concentrates, herbal formulas, sport supplements, medicinal mushrooms...
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    The best bath makes you feel really really good all over.

    Put 4 oz. drinking water in a bowl. Add 1 tsp. organic jojoba, 1 tsp. organic glycerin, 8 drops Oman frankincense, and 1 dropper 4,000mg full spectrum hemp oil for pets. Stir with fingers and apply all over the body.
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    Evaporate the fog away with Mike and Janet's world famous brain diet.

    Put a half ripe organic banana in a blender. Add 1 level tbsp. raw Arriba cacao, 1 cap La Vencadora vanilla, jalapeno, and any other stuff you might like like 1/2 price grass fed dairy, maple syrup, honey, or sucanet. Add some water, blend, and drink every 4 hours. Every other one add 1 gram...
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    The no fun diets.

    You have heard of the NFL the no fun league. Football began as a bunch of bored kids throwing and catching a ball. Then the manager came along and started manufacturing rules regulations and restrictions. Food is the same way. Food is supposed to be delicious and nutritious. The buck walks up to...
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    Osha root highest potency lowest cost.

    Me and Janet we purchased osha root tincture 8oz. for $38.00 from Crescent Moon. They are located in Maine. The ratio is 80% alcohol, 20% water and 1 part osha root to 2 parts menstruum. So there is 4oz osha root in an 8oz. bottle
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    Hemerrhoids medicine comparisons.

    Me and Janet we put Aloe Vera 3X concentrate at 2 cents/gram on them and they came back after 1 day. We put Manuka Honey East cape Wild cape at 14 cents/gram on them and they returned after 3 days. We put Wildflower honey 40lb. tub from Colo. at 1 cent/gram on them and they returned after 3...
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    7 hundred calories and more than 36 grams of fiber for $2.25

    Eating 3lbs. of organic half ripe bananas, scrape the peel and eat the scraping, gives 1 kilogram of pulp that contains 700 calories, 26 grams of fiber, 10 grams of fos and inulin, and whatever resistance starch and pectin are contained in the green part. Great for raw foodists like me and Janet.
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    A delicious and nutritious way to get 24 grams of fiber.

    But not so affordable. 1 avocado has 10 grams of fiber. 1 package of blackberries has 14 grams of fiber.
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    Jobs are bad and work is wrong.

    The purpose of life is to develop the personality and advance the intellect so we can function socially.
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    An easy and affordable way to get 20 grams of fiber for just 20 cents.

    Make a smoothie from 100 grams raw organic potato. Contains 20 grams of resistance starch.
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    Better water gizmos, gadjets, and thingamajig review.

    Me and Janet we like the magnetic vortex sleeve from Quantum Balancing. For $50 we get both H3O2 high energy living water plus magnetism. There are not any moving parts or power required. Just screw in the 2 ends to smart water bottles [they have the best shape] and pass the water through twice...
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    The best medicinal mushroom supplement is

    David Avocado Wolfe's 24 raw freeze dried medicinal mushroom powder from Longevity Warehouse. The product contains substrate, mycelium, and fruiting body. Costs between 30 to 40 cents per gram depending on quantity. Poor peasants like me and Janet do not purchase that. Instead we like Om...
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    The best longevity molecule.

    Spermidine dissolves unwanted debris that is clogging up the systems, especially in the elderly, like me and Janet. Beans are the only food that contains therapeutic dosages of spermidine. Maybe that is why poor peasants all over the world live longer than the wealthy capitalists.