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    Hi from RadishRose

    Hi there, RR. and how are you this fine day??? I know you welcomed me, so I am welcoming you back.
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    Natural alternatives for social anxiety?

    I, also, just recently heard of Saffron as a mood lifter. I specifically learned of a product called Saffron Lift, which is saffron plus Curcumin. I have only taken it for a few days, so results are not in yet. I am on a prescribed anti anxiety med, but found that it alone, was not helping...
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    Hello from New York State

    RR;;;gee you look familiar. Hi there
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    Hello from New York State

    I have just learned of this site, and decided to join up. I am 65, and am looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle, both in eating, and general lifestyle. I try to stay active, not always successful. Always looking for new ideas and ways to keep going in my Senior years.