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Default Introducing the Neolithic Diet

I created a new diet, it's sort of the opposite of Paleo.
Like paleo, it's all about eating organic whole foods, but that's where the similarities end.

Only foods developed during the neolithic period are permitted, such as beans, cereals and potatoes, cheese, milk and yogurt.
These are foods that supposedly weren't available to us before the neolithic, because man hadn't domesticated cattle and began using them for milk, and because we hadn't learned how to make certain inedible plants edible by cooking them, or at least we hadn't en masse.
Fruit, veg and nuts/seeds, eggs, meat and seafood are forbidden.

The logic behind this diet?
There isn't any, at this point it's just an idea i had, with no supporting logic or evidence.

It would be interesting to monitor peoples health on the paleo diet versus peoples health on the neolithic diet, to see which one fairs better, and by how much.
Is it possible a diet of consisting exclusively of dairy, grains and potatoes could be just as good or better than a paleo or a mixed diet?
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