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Default Flu shot hoax

From Natural News (link at bottom)

The flu shot is a fraud. But it's a fraud that's so deeply embedded in the delusional pro-vaccine culture of the pharma-controlled medical industry that even well-meaning doctors and pharmacists (who are otherwise very intelligent) fail to realize flu shots don't work. In fact, flu shot vaccine inserts openly admit there is no scientific evidence demonstrating flu shots work. See the vaccine insert photos below for proof.

This is probably why people who receive the flu shot almost never receive the insert sheet. It's not handed out by doctors and pharmacists because they don't want people to realize the extent of the pseudoscience behind the flu shot scam. It's so much easier to demand blind obedience while screaming "SCIENCE!" than to actually allow people to read the science and realize the science conclusively states there is "...no decrease in influenza disease after vaccination."

In fact, most people who have taken flu shots aren't even aware that an insert sheet exists at all.

Ever wonder what it says?

NOTE: Every photo in this article is 100% factual and true. Ask your pharmacist for a vaccine insert sheet to see one of these for yourself.


....the shot contains "thimerosal as a preservative." Thimerosal is made from toxic mercury.
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