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Default Thorough Testing

Hi, I'm working on some health issues, various head pains, feels like there is a substance in my head, fuzzy thinking. I am not sure what it is. Suspicious it may be heavy metals, lead, mold, some kind of adjustment to my immune system.

I live in San Francisco, and don't have health insurance. I've moved a bit, and it's been in every place I've been in, so I think it may be something I've been toting around, and I don't have a lot of stuff.

I have an air purifier, and an ozone generator with a fan, which helps a lot. The ozone generator fills the room with ozone, which seems to destroy any offending stuff, but I have to leave the room for 2 hours.

However, if I open a book, or a bag I haven't used in a while - wham - it's like something got unleashed, and I'll have reactions, and feel head pains, dizzy, and just off, for a while. I keep thinking it's some kind of spores that I'm unable to see.

I've been tested with some interesting machines, like Asyra, NES, and others.
These machines have different names, like energy medicine, or bio-energetic testing, which makes it hard to find them.

I had some practitioners out of state, and I am trying find one locally that does not charge too much.

Any suggestions how to find a practitioner here in the Bay Area, or maybe a catch-all protocol that would help?
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