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Default What is Nuclear Factor KappaB?


..........Its a protein that increases inflammation in the body and is found in most degenerative diseases especially cancer. This article details its action and natural treatments to help counteract high levels of NFKB.

Simply put, NFkB is a protein that acts as a switch to turn inflammation on and off in the body. Scientists describe NFkB as a “smoke sensor” that detects dangerous threats like free radicals and infectious agents. In response to these threats, NFkB “turns on” the genes that produce inflammation.

As we age, NFkB expression in the body increases, provoking widespread chronic inflammation and setting the stage for diseases ranging from atherosclerosis and diabetes to Alzheimer’s. The knowledge of this simple fact should motivate us to counteract NFkB’s deleterious effects and thus guard against many of the diseases commonly associated with aging.

As we have reported over the last several years, inflammation is the key initiating factor in major degenerative diseases. In fact, some scientists estimate that inflammation underlies up to 98% of the diseases afflicting humans, including a vast array of seemingly different conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders.
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I'd like to comment on this...

NFkB is NOT bad for the body. HIGH levels of NFkB is potentially bad for the body. NFkB is required by the body to produce the proper response to underlying infection / disease as it is part of the natural immune system...i.e. inflammation. It is found in most degenerative diseases and in cancer because there is an irregularity with the NFkB. NFkB is not the cause of cancer, it's irregularity is a factor leading to cancer.
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