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Exclamation Blood Pressure on the Rise in Children

More cases of hypertension in children...http://energytimes.com/pages/departm...lness0213.html
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This is from the link you posted.

A study published last year in the journal Hypertension looked at inpatient treatment for pediatric hypertension. Researchers from the University of Michigan examined hospital discharge records for children over a 10-year period. The team found that hospitalizations related to high blood pressure nearly doubled from 12,661 in 1997 to 24,602 in 2006. Inpatient charges went up an estimated $3.1 billion over that time span, an increase of 50%.
High blood pressure is nothing more than a calcium deficiency. There are several other nutrients involved as well, such as magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc., but calcium deficiency is the main cause and the reason is very simple.

You cannot absorb enough calcium from the food you eat because it is not in the soil for the plant to absorb, thus eating veggies that are high in calcium may not contain any calcium at all.

Also, supplementing with elemental calcium is useless because you simply cannot absorb it, and not only that but whatever you don't absorb is very difficult for the body to eliminate. Sometimes the multivitamin will go right through the body with no absorption at all. This is usually the case with cheap vitamins, and can be seen floating in the toilet with "centrum" still visible on the pill.

Obesity was found to be one of the most common secondary diagnoses.
When you don't get all your vitamins and minerals, your body craves for them. That causes overeating and snacking, which causes obesity over time. When the body gets all essential nutrients, the cravings disappear and excess weight is lost without effort.

Schiffrin says hypertension mostly affects children age 9 and older, “which correlates with the increased prevalence of obesity.”

Schiffrin thinks continuing research is helping to dispel the “myth that pediatric hypertension is different from adult hypertension.” He explains that doctors have long thought children only suffered secondary hypertension, blood pressure that increases in response to an underlying disorder such as adrenal or kidney problems. “As our knowledge has increased, we understand that an increasing number of kids have primary hypertension that will track into adulthood,” he says. “This paper is quite significant in that sense.”
This goes to show that mineral deficiency can and does occur in children as well as adults, and the cure lies in supplementing with all 90 essential nutrients, and not in high blood pressure medications, as these do nothing to cure the patient, adult or child.

This also goes to show they don't have a clue as to the cause of high blood pressure. doctor Wallach can cure this "disease" in a week.

The concern about an early blood pressure rise is how it affects a child’s health over the long term. “The concern is that we’re going to see increasing rates of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, arrhythmias.
High blood pressure is a warning. It is your body telling you that it is low on calcium, as well as other nutrients, and its saying if you don't give me what I need I will break down, and will do serious damage along the way, so supplement with a good whole food multivitamin and take a full spectrum mineral complex containing all 60 essential minerals in colloidal form for ultimate absorption, together with all 12 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids.

It’s hard to know exactly what consequences are going to occur; that would require
a long study with lots of kids,” says de Ferranti.
It is very simple as to what the consequences will be if proper treatment isn't done before the damage is not repairable.

A long study with lots of kids? What for? We already know the cause and the cure. The biggest problem appears to be that you can't patent supplements... and that shuts off the flow of money.

Another study?? Isn't that what the tobacco companies kept asking for?? Even though they knew smoking caused disease in the 1930's...

What’s a parent to do? First, “look at the amount of salt they’re serving their kids, not just at the table but the hidden salt in packaged foods,” de Ferranti notes.
Salt has nothing to do with high blood pressure. The Japanese consume a whole salt shaker full of salt every day (11grams) and they have half the high blood pressure problems that we do.

It is no wonder they can't help patients with high blood pressure... they have no idea what causes it.

What’s more, “Parents should promote physical activity within the family. It doesn’t have to be varsity-level sports—just get everyone out and active.” Schiffrin says the AHA has a number of programs to improve eating habits in children, including changes in school lunches—more fish, fresh produce and low-fat dairy—but that parents “have to be a good role model—that’s critical.”

“Pediatric hypertension has huge human and economic impact,” says Schiffrin. “It is a major, although unrecognized, public health issue.”
Exercise is fine, however if your body reserves of minerals is already too low and you exercise, you are going to sweat out whatever minerals are left in your blood, and once your level gets to a certain point, you die.

You don't just sweat out water, and replacing sweat with water or gatorade, sooner or later you will die.

The big problem with hypertension in children will only get worse until people wake up and start taking some control over their own health.

You only get to die once..
Let Food Be Your Medicine And Medicine Be Your Food.(Hippocrates)
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Originally Posted by pinballdoctor View Post
High blood pressure is nothing more than a calcium deficiency. There are several other nutrients involved as well, such as magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc., but calcium deficiency is the main cause and the reason is very simple.
Most cardiologists that I've talked with give calcium channel blockers to their patients without regard to any tests. Though I've only talked to a few. A warning while taking a calcium channel blocker is to avoid large doses of vitamin D3. "Large" would mean greater than 2000 iu per day. Stupid.. Huh? The reason is that calcium, as we know, constricts the muscles. This includes the smooth muscles lining the arteries. Magnesium does the opposite. Calcium channel blockers block calcium from the arteries, and probably more.

What I'm "getting at" is that the advent of the popularity of dosing with vitamin D3, has benefited the population with better absorption of calcium.

However, the modern population has generally not sensitized vitamin D, because of office and factory work. Children have changed as well. Indoor play, more than outdoor play. Electronics more fun that the playground. Hence, higher blood pressure. More vitamin D is required to supplement for the benefit of calcium.
- Jim

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children, high blood pressure, hypertension
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