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Default The Real Reason Why Jerry Lewis Was Fired From Muscular Dystrophy Telethon

As most of you know, Jerry Lewis has been raising money for muscular dystrophy for over 40 years, with a yearly telethon, but was recently fired.

Several rumors circulated as to the cause, and I would assume Jerry was under some sort of gag order so he couldn't speak about what happened, however, I found out the real reason why he was fired.

About a year and a half ago, after several years of working with children with muscular dystrophy, doctor Joel Wallach called Jerry to inform him that muscular dystrophy in children is caused by a nutrient deficiency.

I don't know what documents changed hands, however, doctor Wallach convinced Jerry Lewis by showing him cases of cured patients. After several meetings, Jerry felt obligated to take this information to the muscular dystrophy association, and when he did, they fired him.

They, like the cancer industry, are not interested in a cure since that would stop the money from rolling in, and they couldn't have that..

So, like Paul Harvey says...now you know the rest of the story..
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I just took a deep breath and sighed......now I shake my head......still shaking my head.....no words right now.
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I quit the American Diabetes Association when they printed a recipe in their magazine with 90 grams of carbs! When a reader wrote in to complain, the ADA said "it's never been our policy to limit carbs, only fat." These associations are not out to help those suffering from the diseases, just to keep the money rolling in, just as pinballdoctor says.
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Extraordinarily, non-paralytic cases were now to be renamed as meningitis even if the poliovirus were present! In future, the reported figures for polio were officially to exclude ‘cases of aseptic meningitis due to poliovirus or other enteroviruses.'
These changes did not go entirely unnoticed. Dr Bernard Greenberg, then head of the Department of Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina, testified at a 1962 Congressional hearing that infantile paralysis cases had increased after the introduction of the vaccine by 50% from 1957 to 1958, and by 80% from 1958 to 1959. He concluded that US health officials had manipulated the statistics to give entirely the opposite impression.
This change was not only in the US. In Canada, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics issued in June 1959 an official bulletin entitled Poliomyelitis Trends, 1958. This noted; ‘data shown in this report are confined to paralytic poliomyelitis only. It may be noted that the Dominion Council of Health at its 74th meeting in October 1958 recommended that for the purposes of national reporting and statistics the term non-paralytic poliomyelitis be replaced by ‘meningitis, viral or aseptic,'‘ They also now allowed for other viruses to be found in polio cases, saying that these ‘ specific viruses [should be] shown where known.' When they were found, these cases also were said not to be polio. 

Other cases previously diagnosed as polio would in future be classified as ‘cerebral palsy', as ‘Guillain-Barre syndrome' and even as ‘muscular dystrophy.' Some were now called ‘Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease', which can also cause paralysis. (And recently the Coxsackie virus was found in cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), which also can result in very polio-like symptoms of paralytic muscle damage.)
But this reclassification of polio cases seemingly did not satisfy the regulatory authorities. Apparently there were still too many cases of the worst kind of polio, ‘paralytic polio' - so it was finally decided that these cases must also be removed from the polio case registry, thus eliminating nearly all the remaining cases of polio in the world - giving the vaccine a stunning and utterly fraudulent victory.
Interesting article. http://www.fearoftheinvisible.com/whohides
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Originally Posted by pinballdoctor View Post
They, like the cancer industry, are not interested in a cure since that would stop the money from rolling in, and they couldn't have that..
If we are to believe the medical researchers they have been very diligently working their little fingers to the bone try to find cures for cancer, diabetes, etc. etc. So OK lets put all this hard work into prospective.

Remember back into 50ís & 60ís cars were a major source of pollution. Yet today their exhaust is 90% cleaner. Back then if a company had a computer it had its own room and maybe even an entire floor and at that it was limited in what it could do. By the time we sent a man to the moon they had shrunk in size such that we could send one with them. Now a cell phone can run circles around the moon computer.
In just about any industry you look at you can see similar advancements in technology.

But when we look at the medical industry where are the major breakthroughs, the advances, it like time has stood still. Is it really that difficult? Or is it simply no one want to derail this very profitable gravy train?
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