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Originally Posted by jfh View Post
Hmmm. Well here I go again. Soap is alkaline. Alkaline, unless in high dose, will not kill fungus. Fungus thrives in alkaline. Here is a much better solution.

I have even used undiluted ACV for underarm deodorant in times of heavy sweating or outdoor activity. ACV will kill bacteria as well as fungus. Women use it for douching to help with yeast infections.

Don't worry. The odor goes away rather quickly.

Fungus can develop in a variety of forms on the body. Typically, an antifungal medication in the form of a pill or cream is used on-site to treat and eliminate the fungus. However, some people believe apple cider vinegar to be a worthy substitute for traditional fungal treatment, and some medical evidence backs up this claim. If you suffer from severe symptoms, however, such as redness, inflammation and swelling, see a doctor right away.
Skin Fungus

Fungus can appear just about anywhere on the skin. Two common types are malassezia and tinea. Malassezia is found on healthy scalps but can become overgrown and lead to dandruff, itching and oily skin, reports MayoClinic.com. Tinea is also known as ringworm and can affect various areas including the body, the feet and the scalp. Itching and irritated patches of skin are the most common symptoms.


Apple cider vinegar can be an effective fungus treatment on the skin. According to "Dr. Earl Mindell's Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar," by Earl Mindell, vinegar kills bacteria and fungus, especially when applied to the affected area repeatedly. This is also effective for skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, which affects the scalp and is sometimes caused by a fungus.
Vinegar as Treatment

You need to prepare apple cider vinegar in a specific way to treat fungus. According to "The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines," by Dr. Linda B. White and Steven Foster, mixing 1/8 of a cup of vinegar with one cup of water will dilute it enough to be effective in treating the fungus without irritating your skin. Apply to the affected area twice a day with a cotton ball.

In general, apple cider vinegar is harmless when applied in diluted form to the skin. Even so, it can burn your eyes, so keep it away from this area and apply it in a well-ventilated space, as the fumes can be quite strong. If the fungus hasn't cleared up within a few weeks or gets worse, see a doctor for a stronger course of treatment.
MayoClinic.com; Dandruff: Causes; November 2010
"Dr. Earl Mindell's Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar"; Earl Mindell, Ph.D.; 2002

"The Herbal Drugstore: The Best Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines"; Linda B. White and Steven Foster; 2000
Kid's Health from Nemours; Fungal Infections; January 2011
That is it! Thank you!
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Well, time to update.

I have good news.

My penis, the little white line I had there, it's is 100% gone.

My bellybutton, it's clean, 100%.

This concludes this thread. It's over!

Now, the only thing that I guess remains, in one of my previous posts I had mentioned 3 small, small areas on my legs that had these spots. Those spots have been gone for quite some time. I've inspected 2 of those 3 areas (can't remember where exactly the 3rd one was), and both those areas, the skin there doesn't really grow hair there anymore. But, as I said, those are very small areas, and the hair growing all around it covers it, so it's really not visible At All, except if I look for it, knowing exactly where it is. Which, I can live with

So, this has been dealt with. Came on overnight, took like about a year to clear off, but took about two years to Completely clear off.

Now, onto other things that need to be dealt with!

Thank you all. Haven't forgot about NatMedTalk, the best health forum in the world!!! Love you guys!
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