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Default Who Was Dr Hans Alfred Nieper?

He was a remarkable doctor and scientist. We should probably be looking more closely at his work. .... especially regarding mineral supplementation. this rather lengthy article tells it all.


His contributions to healthcare have been astonishing. In cancer, he pioneered an entire class of gene-repair and gene-extinguishing substances. These include such things as squalene (from shark liver oil),carnivorous plant extracts such as carnivora (venus fly trap), didrovaltrate which is an herbal extract from the Himalayan valerian plant; Acetaldehyde; benzaldehyde; DHEA; iridodial from ants, oncostatins and tumosteron. His work with MS is legendary with the use of his mineral transport formulas to not only stop the progression but to reverse the damage. Working at his clinic in Hannover, Germany, Nieper applied his unique discoveries to the treatment of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis as well as other autoimmune conditions. Over the course of more than four decades Dr. Nieper treated thousands of patients with his innovative mineral transporters, many apparently with great success. However, in later years he published relatively little in medical journals, preferring instead to reserve his time for treating patients and for presenting occasional seminars about his work to medical professionals and consumers. As a result, his discoveries have been considered controversial by mainstream medicine or simply ignored, at least until recently.
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