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Default Pycnogenol MAY Prevent Cancer(s)

Back in 1995 at a lecture on Pycnogenol which was being brought into the U.S. from France, we were told it MAY prevent cancers from taking off. That was music to my 50some yr old ears, so I got on Pyc and took it for 1 yr and surprisingly enough the first things to go were allergies and sinus issues.

Then after the year I found Grape Seed Ex and basically the same info about this antioxidant as Pyc.

This class of antioxidants are called OPC's...there are literally hundreds of sites and info on these powerful antioxidants and even some cancer research is being done at places like city of hope, Mayo and others.

I'm on these antioxidants going on 23 years and in pretty excellent health for my 80 yrs soon.

I have no financial interests but only good health results from taking either of these antioxidants. Cancer is deadly and no one wants to hear that dx.

One can do a search on just about EVERY health issues and one or the other of these antioxidants.

These clean and thin the blood so work on all circulation thru our bodies. Just heard a woman call in to this medical program on radio and she's struggling with vertigo and I'm certain these antioxidants would benefit her, too bad I can't talk to her.

Do your research, I am forever doing mine. jam
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