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Arrow Natural Cancer Therapies with High Success Rate

Full article here. http://healthimpactnews.com/2017/alt...-success-rate/

Dr. Colleen Huber recorded 397 of her clinic’s patient histories from start to finish up to 2015, including those who left early, did chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and refused to comply with her dietary recommendations. Only a few died while under her clinic’s care.

The clinical interventions include IV vitamin cocktails that are predominantly megadose vitamin C. Other vitamins are included in IVs and orally, according to individual needs.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is used as an alkalizing agent to oxygenate cancer cells that normally rely on anaerobic fermentation of glucose. Other herbs and minerals such as magnesium are used as needed.

DMSO is included to seek out and penetrate cancer cells. Internal imaging for locating and tracking tumor reduction is done by either thermography or magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) to reduce the carcinogenic consequences of all other forms of imagery, such as PET and CT scans that rely on X-rays. Dr. Huber is also against mammograms.
Dr. Huber’s dietary recommendations center on excluding all processed carbohydrates and added sugars, using only pure unadulterated stevia as a sweetener. Recovery and remission was 85 percent with all patients who completed their treatments and followed the clinic’s food plan and up to 93 percent among patients in Stage I through early Stage IV. The actual history of patients documented through 2014 is available here.

Conventional oncology’s cancer patients are commonly served and encouraged to eat cookies and ice cream while receiving IV chemotherapy to make the experience “pleasant.” Conventional oncologists even recommend eating sweets to gain weight and not “waste away” with cachexia.
Dr. Huber and her staff did a study survey on their patients during and after their leaving the clinic. Those who engaged in “dietary disputes” and refused to give up sweets and processed carbohydrates had considerably less than half the stable remission rate of those who had complied with abstaining from added sugars, using only stevia, after leaving the clinic.
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