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Originally Posted by VB1988 View Post
Hello! I am glad you are cured. Could you answer these questions?

1) How did you get tested for clamidia? Urine culture? Semen Culture? Or only PCR? How do you know you didn't have any other infection?

2) Did you take clori, doxi or azithromicina any time before combining them with rifampil?

3) What were the dosages of your treatments?

4) What were your symptoms???

and especially

5) How did you get rifampin prescribed???? Do you have a trustworthy urologist that followed you during the treatment?

Thank you very much!
1. Initially I was diagnosed with EIA tests and later again with DFA tests. Both tests are performed on material obtained with a swab. The first PCR (on urine) I did was after my final therapy (I should have done it earlier as it is the most reliable, but it never occured to me). After that therapy I had 6 negative PCRs, two negative DFAs and few positive and negative EIAs. EIA is the least reliable and my uro agrees that I'm cured (no symptoms, small prostate) and we should not pay attention to these random positive results (EIAs for chlamydia are known for false positives by reacting on different bacteria). It is recommended non-PCR positive results for chlamydia to be retested with PCR. During the repeated abuse of antibiotics I developed mild bacterial urethritis and still have it (trying to cure it naturally after so much antibiotics). This happens because antibiotics disturb the normal urethral flora. Before this no other bacteria was found, except for chlamydia. But who knows for sure? It could be that thru the whole time I treated the wrong beast!

2. I went thru one month long single drug therapies with doxy, levo and different macrolides (clari, roxy, ery) and stuff I don't even remember. The first time I took azy was in combination with rifampin just because it was used so in the clinical trial. My uro considers azy to be inferior to clari. From my own research he could be right and it is easier to keep track on dosage when you take the pill every day (like with clari) than when you take it once every few days (like with azy).

3. Don't remember. I know how much pills I was taking, but I don't remember their weight. Better ask a doctor about that. Could be dangerous doing it on your own. Macrolides could give you a heart attack and rifampin could melt your liver.

4. Feeling of painful bump between legs. Yellow semen in low volume... and not the perfect urinating performance a young guy should have.

5. My urologist was in dismay. He had few hard to treat chlamydia cases, but nothing like this. He agreed to do the experiment, but he stronlgy objected agains doing two pills for longer than a month or 40 days max... I took them for two months on my own and probably it was an overkill. Besides, in my country, although illegal, is very easy to buy antibiotics without prescription. Sometimes I don't even bother to show it to the pharmacist.

And one last advice. Before treating something, be sure that you actually have it. There are too many unreliable tests, labs and quacks. Prostatitis-like symptoms could also come from pelvic floor dysfunction or lower back issues.
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Originally Posted by Carina Mellbin View Post
Hi. I think its possible that if you use antibiotics time will come and you will be immune with that specific medicine.
Not you but the microbes will become immune. It is still unclear if chlamydia is able to develop multi drug resistance (it is discussed and there are some claims, but never proven as far as I know). However, chlamydia easely develops resistance against rifampin, which makes it useless, but research shows that no resistance is developed if rifampin is combined with tetracyclines or macrolides. Rifampin is one of the most potent drugs against chlamydia and its cousin rifalazil even more so, if research is to be beleived.
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You guys just randomly came into my mind today. I realised it's been so long now since I suffered any UTI's or prostate infections. I've not had any antibiotics for years, and I continue to take my allicinmax every day If I feel tension in the pelvic area, then I do my stretches and reverse kegels to relax the pelvic floor.

Anyway, I'm just checking in here to say that I am still "cured". No relapse... Just giving you guys some hope for anyone suffering.

I want to stress this again: Prostatitis seems to be a mix of infection + muscle tension. You have to deal with both problems, because they feed off each other. Towards the end, when I was finally beating this thing, I would cycle. Meaning, the symptoms would go away, come back, go away, come back.... Each time they came back the symptoms would be less severe until it just fizzled out. I think the immune system might be overactive in that area because of the inflammation and chronic infection. Eventually it will calm down... but may give you prostate infection symptoms.

Anyone reading this thread, you can beat it. My friend also beat it using a similar method as me. It may take a while, but don't give up.
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Default Hey guys

Hey guys just read a lot of pages from this forum and saw theres lot of good info here. i just have a recent case of this disease and have mild sympthoms but the worst of this is having this long courses of antibiotics. So im alredy making preparations for traveling to georgia to look for the phage therapy. Saw lots of info from sparky that just make more interested and think that this coud be a good way as mi prostatitis is bacterial. I dont know if he finally got that treatment but if theres anyone here that has takent that treatment or any reliable info on this it would be of great help thanks.
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Default Thanks guys

Have to say that the story of Jhony 1 has really give me a lot of hope as i have the same enterococcus im on an unasyn course that as by some suggestions here im gonna try for me it clear a lot of sympthoms so il finish it and if my cultures are negative then i m starting the healing process if they dont then levo that i have a 750 mg prescription already but im trying to avoid. For the side effects im also on colloidal silver. i want to thank Jhony 1 for his always positive attitude tru all of this. And the other like kite surfer i will be cured that showed me that if you figth you can make it.
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Default an option

Hey guys. I am aware that every case of the illness is different and there is no easy way to resolve the problem However if you are willing to do anything to get rid of your symptoms please try diclofenac sodium. It is a very popular a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and you can buy it under many names in any drugstore, without a prescription. Its anti-inflammatory properties are a little bit different than other similar drugs. If you were given diffrent anti-inflammatory drug by your physician in the past and it did not work, please try diclofenac sodium. Taking 50-100 mg a day for a period of 2 weeks should help to ease the pain or discomfort. If not then do not use it for a longer period of time because it is not good for your stomach.

Please remember that any physical illness is also related to the mind. If drugs do not help and you can not get rid of you physical symptoms I suggest that you have a counseling session with the psychotherapist. It might help to ease your emotional state and physical symptoms as well.

Best of luck.
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I had prostatitis for 5 years now, it's really an awful condition. I just want to say I'm glad I found this forum. If only I found out about this forum 5 years ago so that I could go through this with everyone here with all the support, instead of going through it alone. It's already hard having to deal with this miserable condition, but to go through it alone and not tell anyone and keeping it to myself makes it a lot worse. :/ I think it's awesome that everyone here is so eager to help one another to beat this f'd up condition.

Iwillbecured, are you still active on this forum? I tried adding u as a friend to ask a few questions because I read about the supplements you talked about and I agree with you 100% that the reason why this condition lingers on is because of the biofilms. Thank you for everyone's contribution on here...it is really helpful.
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Default Still in forum?

Are you still on this forum? i am new to the forum and would like to ask you a few questions regarding the condition
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Anybody get on here much anymore? Never did get rid of mine, but in the last year started handling it better, found a couple of things of interest, food makes it worse, just food in general, I generally stick to a low calorie diet and exercise and my symptoms were not as bad. Had been exercising and not have too much of a problem with it, then I made the mistake of doing ab work in the form of crunches, big mistake on my part, been laid up in the bed ever sense, irritated the pelvic floor and made it worse, lots of pelvic pain and burning, after I had first done the ab exercises I couldn't hardly urinate for 1 week only a few drops would come out at a time, that has been 20 days ago and still sore as hell in the pelvic floor and burns to urinate, will never do ab crunches again after that. I can understand why I am hurting though I did do a lot of ab crunches squeezing the ab muscles and lying leg raises which targets the lower ab/pelvic floor hard, big mistake on my part.

Oh here is an interesting one, anybody ever have the pelvic spasms where small drops of urine come out and you keep spasming in the pelvic floor?
I had that and then had a bowl movement and had some type of butthole or bowel spasms, it was awful I kept spasming through the rectum and pooping tiny bits every few minutes for about 1 hour, suffice to say irritated the pelvic floor even more.

But I will say probably one of the best days I had, a while back, was when I went for an extremely long walk,2 hours, I wore a hoodie, lots of sweat, warm day, had a blister on my toe even,feet were very tired, but I felt fantastic.

Antibiotics I can tell cause a calming affect on the urine, I think that was why some of us will be prescribed them and the burning seems to stop, like it helps, but the prostatitis itself never goes away, I've noticed over the years when it would burn like hell and I'd swear surly this is an infection, doctor would test urine, nothing found,I would beg for a script of cipro and many times it would calm down whatever was irritated, so IMO I think some of the antibiotics produce a calming affect on inflamed tissue and settle down burning, with that noted the only antibiotic that has any affect it seems was cipro, all the other ones actually made the symptoms worse for some reason such as they would start killing the erection and I would get this dull pain in the pelvic and penis area, which is strange, almost like they were irritating something to where the muscle was tightening and aching, whereas the cripo did not do that but instead calmed downed irritation, strange stuff.

I put on a lot of weight laying in the bed for almost a decade from the Chronic Prostatitis, of interest is that I may have some type of auto immune disease, since I have psoriasis on my right and left fingers on the side of the thumb and index finger, according to online psoriasis is caused by an auto immune disease. I've also noticed I have bad reactions too many things, protein powder, diet pills , I won't take any kind of health food supplements or bodybuilding supplements I have always had bad reactions to that stuff as in burning to urinate, back aches, that sort of stuff. klondike ice cream bars give me hives all in the roof of my mouth, recently I had an allergic reaction to jelly beans, which was crazy, because I have eaten jelly beans since I was a little kid. I remember as a kid my grandma feeding me walnut ice cream, that is when I learned I was allergic to walnuts, and spent an hour outside throwing up.

Anyways that is my update, that's all I've got.
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This story came in bits and pieces. Not sure of every detail.

Family member *by marriage* went to doc concerned of his many trips to the bathroom at night. Doc wanting to find a "cause" discovered tumors on adrenals - whether the two are related or it was a coincidence, I am not sure. (I am female. I don't have a prostate problem )

He began his journey of treatment. Following a week after some air travel - and at home, he began shaking his left arm to get it to "wake up." Then, his leg. He then turned to his wife, my sister, and reported the tingling on left side of face. To the ER they go.

His BP was sky high. Everything else was secondary to bring his BP down quick.

Even the stroke had to wait. The decision was made to transport to another medical hospital *Texas, that could better treat him. The driver refused. Said he would not make it.

Another EMS was found and on their way they go.

At this new hospital, they also found a large aneurysm and a blood clot.

He was put into a medical coma. The stroke healed itself? The aneurysm was operated on. Tumors (adrenals?) removed. He was on a vent for two weeks. And in a halo. (His contract with work was up so he was basically let go while in ICU. And they had put the house up for sale to move closer to new work place).

$600,000 later -- He is healthy somewhat once again...although I did not ask about the prostate.

It's good to get it checked.
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