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Exclamation Health Warnings in Our Fingernails

Some information about nails and warning signs of poor health. Full article here. http://criticalhealthnews.com/health...in-fingernails

Because of their rapid growth (healthy fingernails grow up to 4mm a month) the nails are an accurate portal into the inside of the body. While the eyes may be the window to the soul, the nails can be thought of as windows to your biochemistry. There’s a lot of information a good health care professional can glean from their appearance.

As they are part of the skin, most nail conditions are assessed by dermatologists. Nail disorders account for 10 percent of all dermatological conditions.

Patients with soft, flaky nails that are prone to splitting may be missing minerals, particularly selenium and magnesium. “Terry Nails”, which are white nails with an opaque, “ground glass” look that occasionally have brown to pink bands, are associated with chronic liver disease. And spoon shaped nails, the mark of a condition called Koilonychia (pronounced: “coyl-oni-kia”), are classically a sign of iron deficiency.

While normal nails exhibit a pink color, which indicates healthy blood flow underneath, nails that are pale or white may indicate circulatory problems such as a low red blood cell count, anemia, and perhaps kidney disease. On the other hand, nails that have a beet red hue may point towards heart disease. Nails that are white and grainy with a rosy red strip can be indicative of liver cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or HIV. Sometimes, abnormal circulation in the nail bed creates the appearance of horizontal white lines, most often in the middle three fingers. Because this problem occurs in the nail bed, it will not progress up as the nail grows. This condition which dermatologists call Muehrcke’s Nails”, can be caused by liver disease and chemotherapy. Other causes of horizontal white lines include Hodgkin disease, kidney failure, system-wide infection, or poisoning by arsenic, thallium, or other heavy metals.
Nutritional status also plays an important role in nail health. Because of their rapid growth, shortages in key nutrients will show up in the nails before any other part of the body. As mentioned above a lack of magnesium can lead to nail softening and shortages of iron can cause them to spoon becoming concave, rather than convex. Other minerals like calcium, sulfur, zinc and silica are critical for nail strength and resilience. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and a dearth can also have an impact. A lack of the B-vitamins (especially B-12) and Vitamins A and C can affect nail shape and create both horizontal and vertical ridges, and because the nail is mostly made up of protein both lack of intake as well as digestive impairment can lead to nail thinness and fragility. Essential Fatty Acids are important and nail cracking and splitting can result under conditions of Omega-6 deficiency. Low levels of digestive juice (i.e. enzymes and stomach acid) can compromise the absorption of minerals even when they’re present in the diet. Likewise, in the case of gall bladder disease or its removal, mineral absorption can be compromised resulting in unhealthy nails.
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