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Old 11-19-2017, 06:59 PM
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Default Why eating cooked food is totally ridiculous.

It doesn't take a handyman with all his tools in the shed to figure that one out. That is insinuating that God doesn't know what He's doing. God didn't make cooked food. Wild animals don't eat cooked food. People who eat cooked food have not studied the science. They haven't experimented. People brag that they can do it better than God. Just because everybody's doing it doesn't make it right. Since you haven't studied and you haven't experimented I'll teach you. Take some raw organic grapes. Make some jam. The heat changes the high energy living water into low energy dead water. That is the main reason. Scientists examined bones from our ancestors from all over the world. As soon as they changed over to eating cooked grains they deteriorated. So stop eating cooked food and go raw organic and raw grass fed. Believe in God and eat His Goodies.
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