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Old 12-31-2011, 09:41 PM
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Default 2012: Time For Change

So we were sitting around this New Year's Eve looking for inspirational intertainment as we never aspire to the common New Years brain numbing indulgences..

so I came across this... this movie..

selected to entertain but ultimately wake us up fully to the reality that "hey! 2012 is really here!" which surely must be one of the most anticipated dates in thousands of years.. Ive been contemplating it since the very early 90's after my first trip to Palenque.

So the question comes... are you anticipating doom and gloom? change you are not sure you can handle? a fulfullment of the prophecies of the fear mongers?

Or, are you anticipating the opening of a new door to a new consciousness?

This movie contains a nice synopsis of a potenital reality that is already being dreamed.. perhaps already dreamed by you.

It is the beginning of the Age of Wisdom.

2012: Time for Change - available streaming or DVD on Netflix.

Have a very happy, creative and prosperous New Year!
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Old 01-01-2012, 05:28 AM
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Another fine post, Arrow.

There's a man I know. He started an auction house and it built up into a rip-roaring success. He became rich.
We had a property slump here in England back then and a certain chain of estate agents (what you Americans call real estate agents) got into great financial difficulties. He was offered the chance to buy it for a song. So he did. He stood his ground, rode out the bad times, then came a property boom, followed by another one! He became a multi-millionaire!
He had a big house in the country with wonderful gardens, top of the range cars, he even had his own helicopter at one point! He could afford anything he wanted! Life was good.
He then had a massive stroke. Last time I heard the poor man was in a nursing home, unable to do anything for himself. He is probably dead by now.
The point of this? We come into this world with nothing and we'll leave it with nothing. We need to get our priorities straight. Ultimately, it's what we are inside and the deeds that we do that defines us.

Anyone reading this is capable of doing good things, great things, beautiful things!!!!
This is our big moment in time.... So seize the moment. The time is now.
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Old 01-01-2012, 11:09 AM
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I've heard it said that if one has good health, that everything else is just secondary.
Good health is definitely one to count one's blessings for.
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