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Default Heart disease 101

Heart disease is the number 1 killer in the US and there is no sign of change. Heart disease is a collection of diseases.
1 --cardiomyopathy heart attack this is what kills many athletes and is behind problem of SIDS. The disease peeked 1960 -1970 in Keshan province in China and was linked to mineral deficiency called selenium. The doctors think if you don’t live in China you cannot get it and this ignorance is killing thousands. A famous Basket ball player named Reggie Lewis 27 years old had a cardiomyopathy heart attack and they brought in what was called the dream team of cardiologists paying those a million dollars to save his life. Instead of doing research into minerals they were looking for the right magical drug and while they were doing that he die of another heart attack. God has a sense of humor because the head doctor died of the same problem a year later. This also shows up in children and called SIDS [ sudden infant death symptom]
They now give the people in Keshan Province a selenium supplement and this epidemic is gone.
2-- Congestive heart failure CHF is the most common cause of hospitalization for people over age 65. It will kill more than 50,000 people this year, and it will cost the health care system more than $50 billion per year. It is obvious when money goes out of one pocket it goes into another [big pharma].
Over one hundred years ago a Japanese Navel Doctor Kanehiro Takaki discovered 1893 that a deficiency of a b vitamin causes a disease call beriberi which there is two types wet and dry. The symptoms of beriberi wet are weakness and loss of feeling in the feet and legs, swelling of the lower half of the body, and in the worst cases heart failure and death. CHF is beriberi of the heart muscles can be reversed by getting adequate B vitamins into the body.
3 – This is a heart attack caused by plugging of the arteries from blood clots. This is also the cause of some strokes. This is a simple omega 3 deficiency or a problem of ratio of omega 3-6-9. Dr. Wallach sued the FDA to be able to make this claim and with the amount of evident they agreed with him. That omega acids could prevent stroke and heart attack caused by blood clots.
4 – Heart attack caused by arteriosclerosis also called arteriosclerotic vascular disease or ASVD. This is noted by a build up of cholesterol in the arteries. Even the doctors think that this is the culprit but what is causing the build up should be the question. Damage to the arteries is a life threaten situation and the body in its wisdom uses what it has to repair the damage [cholesterol]. The damage in the arteries is caused by free radical which causes inflammation in the arteries. The cholesterol in the arteries is like having a band aid over the damaged part of the artery. To the ignorant they want to blame the cholesterol that would be like saying band aids cause cuts because every time you see a band aid there is a cut. The FDA last year said damage in the arteries is caused by free radical damage [Trans fats] and has nothing to do with cholesterol. Trans fats are made by heating oils [frying] 100 years ago when heart problems were very rare there was little to no oil used it was lard. Science as shown this to be true but it is hard to change a person’s education. The group of people with the least amount of heart problem in the world are the American Eskimo who eat whale blubber, seal blubber, bear meat, and fish their diet is 75% cholesterol. Their blood cholesterol runs from 350 - 500
4 – A-fib this is an erratic heartbeat usually showing up in later years. If you told an electrician that you had an electrical circuit in your house that was intermittent [erratic] he would say check the wiring. He seems to know more than a doctor about a-fib. 95% of people with a-fib have a back problem and maybe they don’t even know it. Ask if they are shorter than they were when they were 20 years old and you will find they are, or did they have a accident, even though there may not be pain involve the pinching of the nerves between thoracic vertebra 1,2,3, and 4 can cause an erratic signal to the heart.
The deficiencies that are causing these problems 1 the minerals are not in the soil easy explanation is plant need 9 minerals to grow healthy and those are not there because you need fertilizer three minerals. Our bodies need 60 minerals.
The other reason is our digestive system has been destroyed and you need a perfect digestion to absorb all the nutrition.
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