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Old 02-12-2011, 04:40 PM
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Question Could stevia be contributing to my dysfunctional hormones???

Ok... I have quite the hormonal saga here...

Let me try to give you an overview of my story...

I got my first period at age 13 and had relatively normal periods for 2 years. I became a restrictive vegetarian with some eating disorder tendencies. My cycles stopped suddenly. I was only a vegetarian for a year, and after a few years, I became more of a binger than restrictive with my diet. I"m not underweight. I am 5'2 and 115 lbs or so... I have been below 100 and up to around 120 and I don't know if it has an effect. I've been to tons of doctors and no one knows why I don't get my periods?? Some say borderline hypothalamic ammenorhea, some say thin PCOS... I'm definately not in premature menopause... my fsh levels are on the low end of normal. Other than a few months on birth control pills (I can't be on those... have a bad reaction) and several months getting acupuncture, I have not had a natural period since 15...

So... I realized through some research that stevia can cause fertility problems in high doses. Well. I know most people probably don't consume enough stevia to mess with their hormones, but I dump tons in every beverage and on my food. I think i'm actually addicted. Could this be the cause of my totally screwed up hormones? Or at least contribute?? Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before or experienced a change in menstrual cycle due to stevia. I am really wanting to get my periods back if possible. I am 20 now and just want to be normal and not have to worry about this anymore. I"d love to also know that I might be able to get pregnant in the future. If anyone has any insight or similar experience I'd very much appreciate it!

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