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Default Bipolar 2 please help

I was diagnosed as bipolar type 2 at 38 years old after getting out of the crazy hospital for a suicide attempt. Before the attempt I was a practicing alcoholic, and had been for 6 years. No one but my loved ones knew since I was a functional (for the most part) alcoholic. Meaning I made it to work, and did a decent job of hiding the fact that I drank every night to get sleep.

After the attempt and hospitilization I couldn’t leave my house except for a Dr. visit accompanied by my husband. I remained sober and complied with my doctor on meds for almost a year. I had a relapse, told them, and they changed my meds. After almost another year I began leaving my house, bought a horse, began getting out, struggled through every freaking day, and then started drinking again.

I told my husband, and then spiraled into another suicide attempt. I’m not sure how or why I survived this one. I drank enough to not be afraid of what would happen, and went into the garage at 2:30pm. I turned on my car and rolled the windows down. My husband got home at 5:45 and found me passed out. I should have been dead, but he pulled me inside and revived me to conciousness. So I’m here for a purpose. Maybe.

Long story, but after this attempt I told my doctor the meds were not helping and I wanted off. He discouraged me telling me I was not the first patient to ask this of him, but that the results would be disastrous. I stayed on meds. I’m taking Latuda, Buspar, and Wellbutrin. He recently wanted me to add ann SSRI for anxiety, but I declined.

I’ve been in AA and remaining sober, but unlike my fellow AA’s I am not feeling or doing better. I want to get off the meds. I am in a constant state of anxiety. I can’t ever turn the physical compulsion to jump out of my skin off. I’m either fully loaded or exhausted. I never feel like doing anything. Whether it’s a chore or an enjoyment it feels like an obligation.

I want to sleep the day away, but I can’t ever sleep. I wake up more than a dozen times a night. I counted. I’m allergic to the sleep meds they tried on me. I feel like I didn’t give my body a chance to heal itself from the alcohol onslaught before I started pumping meds into it. Both my GP and my mental health professional disagree. They both agree that getting off meds is a mistake, but I am still miserable. I can’t take this anymore.
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Please help me. Tell me how to ween off of these meds safely.
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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear of your suffering. Something that has worked wonders for me is using both BodyTalk healers plus Emotion Code work. WE see illness as a physical thing ie 'my brain is not working, I'm bi-polar'. But in actuality it's an energy thing. So much is healed when you remove the trauma and emotions stuck inside the body making everything go out of balance. You can even inherit these blockages from family members. But all these CAN be cleared via the before mentioned techniques. A good place to start is using the free video on youtube explaining the BodyTalk cortices technique to rebalance the brain. Also study up on the vagus nerve. You can get a free ebook online and start applying the Emotion Code right away to yourself. It cleared my PTSD. Hope this helps in some way xxx
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These past few months have been rough because I had actually given up on meds (big mistake) and went off them all cold turkey (huge mistake). Ended up being depressed for months before I finally went back into the doc... so we've been changing around meds/adding meds in/blah blah to try and get my mood stable and depression taken care of.

Right now I'm on

Seroquel XR 25 mg [technically called an atypical-antipsychotic, helps stabilize mood]
Zoloft 100mg [anti-depressant SSRI, I'm on the generic though so not sure if it's the equivalent dosage of the brand or not]

I literally, just this past day, switched off of Ritalin to Nuvigil which is used for work-shift sleep disorder, narcolepsy, and other conditions. It's labeled a wakefulness promoting agent and is a very different drug than regular stimulants.. I believe it has no affect on the CNS. It's a newer version of Provigil which is modafinil.

I'm waiting on a prescription of .5 mg of Klonopin [anti anxiety drug, benzo] and I'm actually really excited to try it. I've been experiencing bad anxiety for a long time and recently discovered that an untreated anxiety disorder can amplify and cause mood swings AND basically prevent depression from being treated.. and cause fatigue, and the ADD-like symptoms I've been having among many other things. I literally have never been fully out of depression since I was diagnosed.. I have gone into hypo-mania and possibly full blown mania before, but I have more of a rapid cycling disorder versus long periods of times. They shift between hour spans, although when I was unmedicated I did have one hypo/manic episode for 4-5 days straight

I totally understand how you feel. It's hard to come to terms with, but in reality a pill or two a day can totally change your life for the better. It's up to a doctor to diagnose you - if the issues are more personality based or situational they may try cognitive behavioral therapy, or may suggest some medication(s) depending on your symptoms and their severity. I do hope you feel better and urge you to research your symptoms and pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and actions
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First I must stress to never take any supplements or discontinue taking any prescription medications without the approval AND supervision of your doctor.

I have no experience, but here's an old thread with some info about Lithium Orotate for bipolar. As with all supplements, ALWAYS research thoroughly all side effects and drug interactions.

Wishing you the best! http://www.natmedtalk.com/showthread...hlight=bipolar
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