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Old 03-12-2012, 09:07 PM
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Default What a difference supplements have made already..

I came here a couple months back depressed, anxious, having relationship problems, generally unhappy with my life and felt out of control.

Now I've been using supplements a couple of months and I feel the best I have in a long time! I'm taking NAC, niacin, magnesium, multi+daily joy, fish oil, curcumin, vitamin d, garlic oil, probiotics and taurine. This combination is working so well for me, I am blown away. After all the prescription drugs that I've taken that made me worse, I felt like there was nothing that could help.

My anxiety is now almost non-existent, my depression lifted a couple weeks ago, I am eating healthier, my relationship has done a total flip - we had been arguing all the time, both very unhappy and I almost left because I was so paranoid about things not working out between us(borderline personality disorder). Now we are getting along all the time, haven't argued for quite a while, and we just enjoy our time together - it feels like the beginning of our relationship again.

I am working 8 hours a day now, in customer service, with absolutely NO anxiety despite having severe social anxiety that had kept me from working for the last 7 year.

I just started evening primrose oil and vitex to try to sort out some hormonal issues, acne, pms, and such. Hoping they smooth everything out so all month long is a calm experience for me!

I am so glad I found this board because it has changed my life. Now I just need to find time for exercise and I will be healthier than I have been in a long time as well!
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Old 03-12-2012, 09:17 PM
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That's wonderful news bipolarmom, thanks for sharing that with us! I'm sooo happy to hear that you're getting better and feeling good. Hope the Vitex and Primrose do you good. I've been adding to my exercise routine lately and I feel better mentally and stronger physically, it's all good!
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