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Default God's Love

I was poisoned by toxic fumes at a job that damaged my lungs. My brain cells would go all scatty wompus and my nerves would get all discombobulated. After spending many years as a loser who always failed I was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and got disability.

I suffered from so many diseases even my diseases had diseases. The fake councilors who gave me fake therapy asked me a bunch of personal questions and called me a bunch of bad names and gave me the same pills Robin Williams was on when he killed himself. They made me feel so bad all I could think about was suicide.

One day I was on the mall in downtown where I walked every day and I saw this old lady. On the outside she was very, very, very old. She looked like a witch. But on the inside she was as spry as a fun loving teenager. So I asked her what she did to stay in shape. She proceeded to tell me the most incredible story that is absolutely going to blow your mind.

She said I am your aboriginal hunter gatherer ancestor and I am here to teach you to eat right. I said go ahead and I'm eager to get started. She said eat like a wild animal raw organic and raw grass fed. Believe in God and eat His Goodies. And I said like an Eskimo. Then right before my eyes she changed into an angel with wings and a halo and lights and descended into Heaven. I thought I was really crazy and didn't think any more about the episode that had just transpired until she appeared to me in a dream that very same night.

She said God felt sad that I was suffering so much. She said the franken food that I ate changed the frequency of the DNA's vibrations so I was not able to receive God's Love. I thought I'd better comply with her wishes, After all she really is an Angel from Heaven. So I google raw food and eventually started watching raw food videos. I began eating raw organic fruit and raw pastured eggs and drinking superfood smoothies with sports supplements.

As a result I've got the strength and stamina of a barracuda and the smarts of a supercomputer. The ormuses came inside my body and brain waved their magic wands and performed super natural miracles. Today I can feel God's Love for me and I can love God.
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