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Default How do Mike65Denver and Janet64Denver get their vitamins.

We try to get vitamins from organic and grass fed foods. When that is not possible or practical we do like everyone else we supplement. Some vitamins require co factors and some need to be taken with fat. When people get all their vitamins and cofactors the dosage for each one can be less cuz they all cooperate together enhancing each others performance. We take Vitamin A from fish liver oil, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K1 with fat. We get B Vitamins from raw pastured eggs and home brewed water kefir made with organic sucanat. Very low doses of B Vitamins are required cuz they are re energized and recycled. They only work in the body for 6 hours. By far the best way to get Vitamin E is from unrefined organic red palm oil. We get Vitamin C from eating lots of organic bananas, citrus, pineapple, and melons. I'm not going to say anymore. I've said enough. Elfinito.
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