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Default CoQ10, the Cancer Metastasis Receptor

CoQ10, the Cancer Metastasis Receptor and Easter Sunday

This is April 16, 2006 Easter Sunday of the year 2006. On this day, I will present information that the common vitamin/anti-oxidant CoQ10 and vitamin B6 can both prevent and treat a wide diversity of cancers.

As stated in the previous Blog essay, vitamin B6 is a precursor of CoQ10 synthesis.

CoQ10 inhibits the expression of the alpha V beta3 or CD51/CD61 integrin gene expression on the membrane of blood platelets.

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Platelets are "blebs" released from mature megakaryocytes in the bone marrow. It is clear that CoQ10 is acting on the megakaryocytes before the release of platelets. It is NOT an intellectual "stretch" to claim that CoQ10 no doubt inhibits the expression of alphaVbeta3 integrin synthesis in other cells as well.

The alphaVbeta3 integrin protein promotes angiogenesis, and cancer metastasis in a wide variety of cancer cells.

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This membrane receptor is clearly involved in cancer cell metastasis. CoQ10 inhibits its expression by an unknown mechanism. I am working on it.

Previous reports that CoQ10 inhibited cancer cell metastasis are probably true. In future Blog essays, we will discuss this issue in greater depth.

It still seems ridiculous to me that CoQ10/vitamin B6 together could prevent the growth of cancer cells, and/or cancer cell development. On the other hand, the inhibition of alphavbeta3 integrin membrane expression by these simple vitamins/anti-oxidants is an observation of Biblical proportions. It is therefore apropriate that these observations occured to me on Easter Sunday, 2006. Maybe God was waiting for the right time to make these isolate pieces of information known to the world.

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