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Default Ayurvedic Oil Dripping

I've never tried this but I've seen it performed on television and read about it in magazines. I doubt this has any more use than say an occasional massage would provide. Still, it caught my interest and I thought it might be interesting to some of you as well.

Objective: This study assessed the psychoneuroimmunologic changes achieved by Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic treatment, characterized by dripping oil on the forehead, in a randomized, controlled protocol involving a novel approach using a robotic system.

Methods: In the first experiment for the determination of the most appropriate conditions of Shirodhara, 16 healthy females (33 9 years old) underwent a 30-minute treatment. In the second study, another 16 healthy females (39 9 years old) were assigned to either the Shirodhara treatment or control supine position for 30 minutes, with monitoring of physiologic, biochemical, immunologic, and psychometric parameters including anxiety and altered states of consciousness (ASC).

Results: The subjects receiving Shirodhara treatment showed lowered levels of state anxiety and higher levels of ASC than those in the control position. Plasma noradrenaline and urinary serotonin excretion decreased significantly more after Shirodhara treatment than in the control. Plasma levels of thyrotropin-releasing hormone, dopamine, and natural killer (NK) cell activity were different between control and Shirodhara treatment. The correlation between anxiolysis and the depth of ASC was significant in the Shirodhara treatment group (r = 0.52, p < 0.05, N = 16), while in the control no correlation was obtained (r = 0.13, p = 0.64, N = 16).

The increase in foot skin temperature after Shirodhara showed a significant correlation with anxiolysis and the depth of Trance of ASC (r = 0.58, p < 0.01, r = 0.43, p < 0.01, respectively). NK cell activity after Shirodhara treatment showed a significant correlation with anxiolysis and the depth of Trance of ASC (r = 0.33, p < 0.05, r = 0.56, p < 0.01, respectively).

Conclusions: These results indicate that Shirodhara has anxiolytic and ASC-inducing effects, and it promotes a decrease of noradrenaline and exhibits a sympatholytic effect, resulting in the activation of peripheral foot skin circulation and immunopotentiation.
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. - The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine - 14(10):1189
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I actually worked with an Ayurvedic doctor and helped give Shirodhara treatments. I was told that the medicinal oils were absorbed into the skin and the oil flowing on the forehead stimulated the pineal gland. I have no proof for or against the treatment but it sure looked relaxing.
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