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Old 09-06-2018, 01:33 PM
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Default Partly numb leg ankle and foot ?

Hi, looking for some help to try and diagnose this problem i have please.....

About 3 months ago i woke up for work and started walking and found my ankle had become a bit dead From the side of my calf i have a pins and needles sensation running to my outside ankle where it is completely numb then a pins and needles sensation as it spreads across my outside foot heading to my big toe, the rest of my calf ankle and foot are fine feeling completely normal.

I got sent by the Doctor to get an MRI scan thinking it may be something Sciatica related but the results came back fine, i got sent to the stroke department at the hospital and they don't think it is a stroke because the way i can move the rest of my leg and my overall condition.

So i am left here 3 months later with a floppy foot tripping up and not allowed to drive.

Anybody got any ideas to what this condition could be? I was thinking it could be a pinched nerve but surely the doctors would have said that to me?

Also done 4 blood tests in the last month and had no results back.

Appreciate any help.

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