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Thanks for the 2 diagnosis tools drjohn. Works for me. I'm trying to get my adrenals back in order - supplements, herbs, low or no caffeine, avoid sugar. However, stress is my biggest factor. I should work on my hypothalamus.

Cellulase will dissolve the cellulose in the cell wall of the Candida yeast. But taking that enzyme for a long time may starve the good bacteria as well. The bacteria break down the cellulose and other long chain sugar molecules for their own food. The byproduct of the enzymatic breakdown of cellulose is sugar. Sugars that feed Candida. The enzymes may not work. Or at least not by themselves. They will kill some of the Candida while feeding the rest and leading to a rebound.

One of the things that promotes Candida is lower digestive acid secretion. Lower gut bacteria control Candida through the formation of acids. Caprylic acid is one acid that supposedly kills Candida yeast too. It will kill the Candida in it's fungus state as well. http://www.natural-cancer-cures.com/caprylic-acid.html Acidity controls and kills Candida, alkalinity promotes Candida overgrowth and aggressiveness.

I feel the best we can do is control, not kill, the Candida.

Just my opinion. I'm not in the health industry.
- Jim

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Olive leaf extract for candida probably needs to be used for a long time, like 6 months or so... basing this on tests some people I know did who used it. It will cut down the pathogenic load but it takes time

Cellulase for candida? That is interesting. Enzymes can do remarkable work for many different things that people ususally don't credit them to. With enzymes you have to take them away from food so they get passed into the blood stream. You want them working on the pathogen or condition rather than your last salad or steak.
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Default Stress, cholesterol, caffein

O.k. first, I am not a medical doctor so I don't diagnose. Mine are simpe suggestions butlet me ask three questions then I'll comment:
1. Have you been under unusual stress?
2. Have you been taking cholesterol medicines?
3. Have you indulged in products with caffein, or in products with sugars?

1. If you've been under unusual stress it is hard on your adrenals. This is because of the "flight or fight" response. If the symathetic side of the autonomic nervous system is over stressed for too long, it can cause those dark circles under the eyes, skin eruptions and multiple other symptoms as well.

2. If you have been taking cholesteral medicines and if your combines cholestral level is under 175 you are depleting necessary food for the adrenals and the adrenals will be impaired. There really is no "good" or "bad" cholesteral because both of them are needed to rid our bodies of toxins. Cholestral rises as toxins rise. It is the bodies attempt at protecting us.

3. If you've been indulging in caffein and sugar you are causing over stimulation of the adrenals.
Again, I am not a medical doctor so these are simple questions and comments from a simple mind

Oh, one more question, sorry-- have you ever been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? This is just a question that, depending on the answer, will be helpful.
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Old 03-29-2010, 04:03 AM
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Default Update

Hi everyone just thought i'd send a message and let you know how i'm getting on. Well things are going pretty good, i'm taking a multivitamin, and extra doses of vitamin c which is according to some natural health practitioners great for allergies and preventing reactions. It seems they're right as for four weeks now i've had no itchyness, no burning and no rash . Been taking about 1000 grams per day. Also i've been using natural anti fungal soap and 100% pure aloe vera gel to wash and moisturize with each night. All seems pretty good so far. Worst i've had is a small bit of dry skin which healed very quickly indeed. All i'm left with is a slight pinkyness around the nose, although i think this is just me as i'm from scottish decent and it runs through my family. Even been able to eat small amounts of dairy and drink small amounts of alcohol with no problems. Anyway thanks to everyone on here who helped and seeing as it's early days i'll update again in a few weeks. Take care,
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Old 11-28-2010, 02:23 PM
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Prof Borody; Crohn's Interview
Worth listening to this series of You Tube video's if you are interested in Crohn's.
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Thanks for posting this link. I have seen this interview before, but missed an important part of it for some reason.

There is real good information on what cause the symptoms, and if a person with Crohn's targets the MAP bacteria, your odds are quite good of substantial improvement.

This is how I went about it, and no one would know today I have the disease.

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