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Old 08-30-2009, 05:00 PM
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Default Zinc Supplementation

Hi everyone, I'm new

I'm a 19 year old, 120 lb female. Today I bought a bottle of 50mg zinc caplets in the hopes of aiding with my hair loss problem. I have not been professionally diagnosed, but I firmly believe I am suffering from androgenetic alopecia. But that isn't what this thread is about ^_^

I have read that the recommended daily intake of zinc in adults should be something like 10-15mg. My caplets are much over that, yet even in the smallest amount I do not feel comfortable supplementing anything daily. Does anybody have any information on when would be the optimum time to supplement with zinc?

I read a while back that in women there can be a drop in zinc levels during menstruation. I was first prompted to read about this when I noticed that sometimes during my period my sense of smell would become unbearably strong. So I have read that this can be attributed to low zinc. Do you think supplementing only during menstruation is a good idea, or do you know of a more efficient way to take these caplets? I have also considered weekly and bi-weekly.

For those who know about androgenetic alopecia, my main goal is to reduce DHT levels. But I've also read that too much zinc can actually make hair loss worse So I'm trying to be very careful about this.

Thanks for your time guys, I'm looking forward to hanging out around these boards!!
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