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Default The benefits of Ganoderma 'Lingzhi'

People inflicted with cancer that used Ganoderma shown signs of strengthen immunity as well as combat cancer-cell proliferation. A study in 2003 of 34 people with advanced stage cancer showed a significant increase in T-cells (immune defense).

Ganoderma is especially good for lowering high blood pressure, balancing of cholesterol and reducing other symptoms related to Lung problems. Ganoderma affects the whole body, strengthening the immune system and balancing the body natural state. Instead of fixing the actual ailment, it works from internally and cleaning everything producing the healing results on the ailment.

Lingzhi Benefits

Strengthen Immune System
- Reduce the chances of contracting diseases or falling sick

Fight Against Cancer

- Builds up the body immunity system to fight off radiation from chemotherapy and regenerate T-Cells

Improve Blood Circulatory
- Aids in improvement of blood circulatory imbalance of the body thus reducing high blood pressure

Detoxify and Rejuvenation
- Cleanses the body of toxins which the body intakes on a daily basis
Anti-Ageing Properties Consist of anti-ageing properties which is believed to aid longevity

Protect and Regulate Organs
- Aids digestion, protects the liver and reduces lung ailments such as bronchitis

Strengthening of Heart
- Prevents solidification of vessels by strengthening them and clogging of vessels

Fair and Soft Skin
- Increases red blood cells which helps in the maintenance of beautiful skin
Stabilise Metabolism Antioxidants properties to maintain the metabolism of the individual

The body operates under these major systems, if not properly regulated or maintained, the tendency of falling ill increases. Lingzhi helps to regulate the body systems, maintain stability and ensure the balance between the internal and external conditions.

Lingzhi eliminates toxins accumulated in the body various toxins and energize the body, it also enhance your blood stream to take in oxygen by more than 1.5 times and slows down aging.

Lingzhi is a natural grown herb which does not fuse its properties with synthetic drugs, it serves to maintain life and promote health without any negative side effects even when used continuously.

Its properties and capabilities are:

- Natural grown without any synthetic properties

- Health supplement with no side effects on continuous use

- Battles ailments and detoxifies the body of toxins which the body
absorbs; Pollution, Pesticides, Chlorine and Fluoride etc.

- Many nutritious components beneficial to the body’s cells and organs

- Holistic and integrated treatment approach

- Allows the body to keep up with the current fast pace lifestyle, preventing illness

- Works as an adaptogen, repairing the body internally to expel incoming diseases or minimise current ones

Why people lean towards Traditional Chinese Medicine because the processing of the herbs is purely natural compared to manufacture drugs even though both perform similar healing actions, the manufactured drugs may contain side effects. Consumer’s purpose of seeking any form of medication is purely to rid oneself of illness, the last thing they would want is to rid oneself of illness but contract another minor ailment.

Our current environment today is filled with toxins, we inhale and ingest these pollutants on a daily basis as they are present in the food & water we consume and in the environment we live & breathe in.
Small toxins of chemicals may seem insignificant and harmless, however as they accumulate, the end result will causes diseases and damage our immune system.

Pesticides, Chlorine and Fluoride are just basic chemicals which are around us are consumed on a daily basis. A simple search on such chemicals would show thousands of results of its effects on us human body, and yet not much coverage is shown. Why? Because it is considered a MINOR toxin thus categorize as a non-harmless toxin to the human body in small dosages.
Lingzhi which falls under the Traditional Chinese Medicine category uses a holistic and integrated treatment, it has natural herbs with many nutritious components and have medium to long term rejuvenation of cells and organs.

For more information on Lingzhi and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, you could also come to our facebook page and 'like'.

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