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Default Glucosinolate like a pro.

They and GLA are the best anti inflammatories and require proper preparation for therapeutic dosages. So like the Ramones once said "Here we go." The enzymes in raw seeds and sprout powders are much more active than in mature plants so combine them together. Waiting an hour after soaking and blending increases them. Variety is more beneficial. We soak 1/2 cap broccomax, 1 tsp raw maca [take the maca 5 days per week] 1gram organic mustard seed powder, and 1 tsp. radish, and wait one hour before drinking. When we take raw organic mature brassica plants first we blend then add 1/2 cap and 1gram mustard seed powder and then wait for one hour before drinking because the raw seed and sprout powders enzymes activate the sulfur compounds in the mature plants better.
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