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Hey guys, recently developed an interest in a more natural and healthy way of living after discovering first hands what cannabis can do medicinally.

I'm currently 22 and lifetime of bad diet amongst other shit (vaccines yo) has left my body (Chronically overweight, poor skin condition and god knows what else going wrong inside) and mind (EUPD,AvPD,AS) f#*ked.

A few months ago I started eating cannabis and for the first time I felt at peace, unlike whilst on the cocktail of antipsychotics, anti-depressants, mood stabilisers and anxiolytics I'd been on from the ages of 17 through to 20 which caused everything from suicide attempts to absurd weight gain (36kg in 2 months), grinding teeth to erectile dysfunction. On cannabis I had no negative side effects and numerous positive ones, a few months later my aspergers has become more manageable (even when sober) to the point I can actually make eye contact with people and start/hold conversation with strangers.

The straw that broke my back and has caused me to come here in search of natural and healthy alternatives to 'mainstream' poison big pharma peddles is after reading a report on male contraception revolved around injecting female hormones to lower testosterone levels which made me realise the belief I'd been harbouring for several years, 'mainstream' medicine isn't about making people better, it's about masking one symptom with another to make them need another pill which does the same.

I've started eating healthy, including cutting out as much processed foods and drinks as I can stand to (will obviously get easier and better with time) and ignoring the mainstream narrative on fats after reading several articles which pointed out that low carb/fat and high protein diets are incredibly damaging to male T levels, as such I now try to eat as close to a 30/35/35 split as possible. Since doing so, my weight has gone down considerably, mood has gone up, and I generally feel more energised and strong. While here I hope to find as many ways to replace harmful manmade chemicals in my life and find natural alternatives wherever possible and hopefully undo the years of damage.
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