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Old 04-19-2006, 06:49 AM
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Hello all.

I have a problem. I went to a dentist for just the yearly checkup. Unfortunately, the dentist told me i needed a filling on the top tooth on the left (teh very last one) not a major one, just a simple filling. Everything went well, he did it in about 20mins to 25mins. I had it done on a Friday, everything was ok, no pain, nothing, i was happy. (well not so fast....)

A week later, i am starting to feel weirdness on that tooth, i won't called it pain because it is not painful but it feel sensitive all the time, i feel like i am in pain , but i can't describe.

Now i am concerned, i wish i din't have the filling, becaus eeverything was ok before that, now the tooth is bothering me and it has been only a week since i had it done.

My question: am i just worried for nothing?, is the sensitivity/weirdness feeling/pain would go away?

Is that how u will feel when u get a filling?

i did go to a good dentist , i am sure. it is at a nyc hospital so if they weren't good, they wouldn't be there.

Please tell me, is that how the filling should feel. I do not want any root canal or crown or anything else because the tooth looks healthy, they even told me i have nice teeth (lol)

what should i do? what should i take?
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Old 04-19-2006, 05:50 PM
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Default dental concern with filling

I would call your dentist and describe what the problems are.

I expect that your dentist will ask you to come in so that he can check the tooth and make sure that all is well.

If I had a patient with a similar complaint I would have them come back, and check that the occlusion of the new filling is correct. On amalgam fillings it was very easy to tell, because there would be an area that seemed polished by the grinding in a spot that was in the wrong occlusion.

With the very back teeth, and when you are numb, it is possible that the filling may be a little high, and wasn't detected when you were numb.

Hope this helps and that you have your dentist take a look at it sooner than later.

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Old 08-11-2008, 02:50 PM
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That was my thought, that the filling is too high so every time she bites it puts pressure on the gum and it feels 'full'.
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