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Originally Posted by kind2creatures View Post
Whoever blindly follows anyone's suggestions, deserves what they get. Just caught a few minutes of the Dr. Oz. Show, and it may have been a repeat.

Discussion was fish-fraud, misbranding/adulterated. They noted how around 90% of Albacore Tuna, many times used in Sushi, was not Albacore/White Tuna at all. It was found to be Escolar, which is a cheap and toxic fish, nicknamed as 'the ex-lax of fish'.

Others were Grouper which was found to be substituted with Catfish, which is much cheaper. Also, Red Snapper was found to be replaced with Tilefish, which is high in mercury.
he says some decent things but pushes things that are not fine. As for the sushi fraud, that is worrisome
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I wonder about those fish oils, too
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Originally Posted by happy2bhere View Post
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear ozzie's reply: "Further, are you representing shame products that may do more harm than good in order to continue a fame that is not deserved?" Well, Doctor?

He epitomizes the very basic [drive] of most medical professionals today. Money Money and most important: MONEY.

He may have began with good intentions...but we all know too well about that road. Let's not forget:

Dr. Oz is a Big Pharma shill

Though at times he appears to promote alternative forms of medicine that are not widely accepted by the medical establishment, Dr. Oz has shown himself to be nothing more than a Big Pharma shill that now pushes vaccines and other unproven quackery on the public as valid medicine.

This is hardly shocking in light of the fact that Dr. Oz has a financial stake in the drug industry, which was revealed back in 2009 during the time when the phony H1N1/swine flu scam was occupying the statist airwaves (http://www.naturalnews.com/027451_vaccine_RealAge_technology.html).

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