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Default They say no you can't but yes you can.

It's not their fault. They're civilized. Their minds are cluttered up with hype and rigamarole. They say you can't breathe in ozone from a generator cuz it damages the lungs and sinuses but yes you can. They say you can't take SeaCrop and Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer cuz they're fertilizers but yes you can. They say you can't eat raw wildflower honey and coconut nectar cuz they are high in fructose but yes you can. They say you can't eat fruit cuz it's high in sugar but yes you can and yes we do. Me and Janet we do all those all day every day and cuz we do we buzz around like bees. We fly higher than a kite. We have the strength and stamina of a barracuda and the smarts of a super computer. Thanks to God and His Goodies. Thanks to the Guiding Lights like Mike Adams from Natural News and like David Avocado Wolfe from Longevity Warehouse and like Ron Teagarden from Dragon Herbs who enlighten us and a special thanks to all the worthwhile aboriginals who are wise and wealthy winners here at this wonderful place called NatMedTalk who say yes you can.

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Wow big words dude!
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