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Old 05-17-2018, 09:00 PM
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Default Mike and Janet's world famous keto smoothie.

For all you keto lovers like Mike and Janet this one's for you babies. 30 grams organic shredded coconut $3.50lb. Coconut oil makes ketones easier than lcfas. 50mg caffeine. Makes more ketones when combined with coconut oil. 100mg theanine. Improves cognition when combined with caffeine. 5 grams organic bran. Me and Janet we use wheat $1lb cuz we are poor peasants. Gut microbes make butyrate from bran that makes more ketones when combined with coconut oil. 1 gram BHB 10 cents/gram is the ketone body. 10 grams fresh yucca root $4.00lb. Here's your opportunity to guess what the secret surprise ingredient does and why. The stilbenes activate the sirtuitins that increase nad+. Organic celery and organic cucumber cuz we are raw organic vegetable lovers. Add some water and blend in a nutribullet lean cuz it was on sale for just $79. Drink and enjoy cuz your sure to jump off the cliff and dive head first into the ketone lake.
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