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Default Woman talks to animals

Found this on another site and it seemed like it needed re-posting here.

One of my beloved pets (Jewely) would communicate with me all the time by flashing images to me. It was quite a shock when that happened for the first time. I would speak to her & she would flash an answer via images. So, there were never any “words” spoken. Sometimes she would; however, yell at me to get off the computer and go to bed & actually stomped all the way down the stairs, huffing & puffing and let me have it! She was also very physic. I can sense & see spirits and found she did also. One time, while I was renting this house which was previously occupied by an older couple. The man passed away while living there and of course his wife moved just prior to my renting it. While in the foyer, I felt an electric charge- a disturbance in the room, and I stopped dead, knowing something was about to happen. Well Jewely stopped dead also and started to growl a little. There the old man appeared in front of me. He was I guess looking for his wife or just came to visit for some reason. We locked eyes, and I told him his wife didn’t live there anymore and he left.
Jewely and I had a very special bond and she got very ill (6 years old) with autoimmune disease). She was in the animal emergency hospital and was so sick. I couldn’t let her go. Finally, I left the hospital and communicated in my mind to her that I would be okay & it’s alright to go. When I got home, the phone rang about 5 minutes (I knew what it was immediately) & the doctor told me she had collapsed and died. I heard her quite often in the house afterwards. This usually occurred when I went to bed (and she would lie down in her bed and even left a physical impression). She also would visit me in the early hours of the morning.
I was distraught, as we had such a close bond. So, in my moment of stress, I went & bought a pack of cigarettes and not having smoked for 20+ years, I lit my first cigarette & clearly heard via telepathy a voice saying “You know, you are going to get sick….” Then, another message “We are getting you another dog.” Well, I had an asthma attack and out of the blue, I decided to call this woman who bred dogs but had moved to Ohio from Virginia. I had bred my Jewely with one of her dogs once. I told her that Jewely had died. She essentially died because she was anemic. This woman said it was too bad I didn’t live closer because she just took in a show dog (female) whose owner had died from anemia and was looking for a good home for her. I just blurted out that, why can’t she send her by airplane?
She did.
When I picked up Leah at the airport and was driving home, I saw Leah had these HUGE tears pouring down her face – just like a human had. I’ve never seen that in a dog before. They were literally dropping onto the floor of the car. It was love at first sight for both of us. I took Leah for a walk & she walked like a show dog – the proper strutting. I was so amused by that. Well, in about a week, she started to limp out of the blue. I was baffled. I called back the breeder and asked her if she had an accident or something & she confirmed that she didn’t.
Leah flashed me an image of the show ring. I knew right away what was wrong. Leah thought she was sill working in the ring but she didn’t want to do that. I knelt down and told her she is now retired and would never have to “work” again. I felt gratitude and immediately she walked normally and never limped again. I was her sun, moon & stars and she wouldn’t give anyone else in the family the time of day.

All of my animals who have since passed visit me from time to time. I hear their collars jingle & see them from the corner of my eye. I hear them jump down off the bed too. Animals are a special gift to us.
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We have just adopted a rescued dog. She has already become devoted to my wife. With me, she growls when I come in the room, but then demands extra petting. She refuses to walk with me alone, but loves to walk with my wife and I. What is going on in her mind, I have no idea. But she keeps us on our toes. Yes, animals are wonderful to have around. How can people treat them badly?
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I love animals and have a dog and a cat that are part of the family, sleep with us in bed, go camping with us, etc. I've never had any paranormal or ghostlike experiences with any of my pets past or present though.

Rod, congratulations on your new doggie, she will be devoted to you also once she gets over her fears. She was likely abused by a past owner that was a man.

People who abuse animals should have the exact same thing done to them as they did to the animal. I think that would make them think twice before beating or neglecting their pets. Here's just one example of someone who abused his 4 month old puppy. http://www.petforums.com/showthread....orized-Scooter
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Our pets are part of the family. I think that it is amazing that people treat them great. It sickens me when those who mistreat animals. I agree that they should have the exact thing done to them!
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