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Default Anti-depressant drugs, a first hand report

Anti-depressant drugs, a first hand report

We have talked about anti-depression drugs here in the past and as such most here are aware that they are bad news. They are prescribed to people who are depressed or are under some sort of emotional stress. But giving a depressed person a drug that has “suicidal tendencies” as one of its side effects would not seem to be a smart move yet it done all the time.

Just how do these drugs really affect the person they’re given to? The following is a post from another forum that I go to and what we have here is a first person account of what it is like to take these drugs. I was quite impressed with his description and felt it needed to be shared.


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I have personal experience with the anti depressant "Endep" I have a chronic
pain issue because of bulging discs and have had a double ACDF proceedure
which is to remove ruptured discs and insert implants in the neck C5-6 and
C6-7. I have since re-injured my neck and my upper back so I require quite
strong pain relief because of the unrelenting unbelievable pain, the pain is bad
enough some times I go into shock and turn pale, heart palpitations, feel like
blacking out ect.

Anyway I get prescribed opioids as it is the only thing that can help, they
make me sleepy and tired all the time so I asked if there was anything else I
could take instead, I was prescribed "Endep" which is an anti depressant and
works to alter brain chemistry to control pain, it does work to relieve pain
quite well and I was impressed with that but after only two days of taking
them I felt very calm but seemed to take on an attitude of if a problem exists
and is troubling me I should not stress about it either ignore it or deal with it
in a way that ends the stress from that problem. I keep animals which is
stressful at times and difficult when affected by continuous pain or dopey pills
on the second day of taking the "Endep" I had several problems with things
around the farm and was having to deal with problem goats, but i didn't feel
stressed out or worked up I just felt that if I killed all the animals my problems
would be manageable, and did consider it. Luckily for me and them my
instincts came through and I realized it was the pills. I felt no emotion
towards animals that I really like and care for every day. I was ready to end
them without emotion, because of the pills. And I wasn't taking them for
depression it was for chronic pain, the dose for chronic pain is I think four
times less than for depression.

Bottom line is, These types of drugs are DANGEROUS big time, I know from
experience. It can't be underestimated what these drugs do the thought
processes of the brain, a depressed person would see themselves as the
problem and so would likely want to end themselves but a stressed person
see's other people as the problem and want to end them
, they would feel
relatively emotionless until the drugs wear off which could take some time
and the thoughts a person has while affected by the drugs stay in memory
and remain an option even after the drugs have worn off.

They don't just cause suicidal thoughts they cause HOMICIDAL thoughts as
well. Suicide is self Homicide in a way.

The scary thing was that I was considering cutting the throats of a herd of
goats and felt no emotion, no empathy at all.

I think these "Endep" type drugs turn normal people into psychopaths, with no
feeling. My guess is they do to the brain what is normal in a psychopath.

I hate to think what could happen if a person was given the drugs and then
also given reason and encouragement to do heinous things.

If you take "Endep" or other related brain chemical changing drugs or know of
a person who does, be careful not to annoy them or give them reason to see
you as a problem.

If you are offered them for chronic pain, be very careful, don't take them if
you are in a stressful situation is my opinion.

I informed the doctor of the problem and my concerns of the effect it might
have on others and he quickly wrote me a prescription for a powerful opiate
pain relief. At least they just make me tired, and not an emotionless drone.

They are really against prescribing the opiods which just make people sleepy,
but they are very ready to prescribe Endep type drugs which cause people to
suicide and or become psychopathic killers.

I am willing to testify to the effect of these drugs on thought processes to anyone.
I think these types of drugs are extremely dangerous and very scary.
If I was a young guy or depressed I might not have realized the bad thoughts
were because of the pills.


P.S. Considering what those Endep tablets do to peoples brains and the
effects that can have I think it is reasonable for the public to want to know
who is taking them it should not be considered as something that needs to be
kept confidential, those drugs are more dangerous than guns.

This does not mean I think they all act alone, I think they patsies. The person,
the drugs prescriber's and the handlers can be blamed but not the
rifles/firearms or the drug itself they are things they don't do crimes.
It's people doing the crimes.

If a gun can be blamed for a death then I can blame my pencil for a spelling mistake.


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Whoa! That's an eye-opener!
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Thank you for sharing that Mad Scientest, it's so important for folks to read what these drugs really to to one's mind. Firsthand stories are very powerful.

For that fellow's pain, he may want to visit this site, or read this book. It sounded like the doctor/author was very knowledgeable.

This doctor was a guest on the coast to coast radio show last night, and he had some interesting thoughts on eliminating chronic pain from various causes using diet, exercise and the mind.

He's a spine surgeon, and was saying how many people have multiple surgeries on their spines that are not needed, and often do more harm than good.

He also told about how many people have sections of their spine fused, only to have the area above and below the fusion become weak and cause even more pain and surgeries. He said it was a surgery-induced injury to the body.

He's selling a book with some advice about getting rid of chronic pain, and not just related to the spine. He also mentioned migraines, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, etc...http://www.back-in-control.com/
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