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Old 12-05-2017, 05:14 PM
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Default The true story of Mike65Denver's and Janet64Denver's incredible journey from chronic disease to optimal functioning.

Besides the normal suffering everyone goes through Janet received a permanent brain injury during childhood. More recently she got microscopic parasites from bed bug bites at a shelter. They hide behind a shield and go dormant awakening months or even years later. Mike was poisoned by toxic fumes at a job making him schizophrenic and giving him uncontrollable emotional outbursts. More recently he ate day old donuts and drank coffee for breakfast at a shelter. Mike and Janet met in the community room at a Natural Grocery Store a year ago and shared their sorrows and dreams. Janet liked organic Indian dishes and coconut kefir. Mike liked purchasing sports supplements in bulk on line. They were both trying to turn their genes back on with phytochemicals. They purchased products from all over the world, from the steppes of Siberia to the jungles of the Amazonian rain forest, from the frigid waters of the North Atlantic around Iceland to the vast Iron Triangle of Southeast Asia. But alas they continued to suffer from fatigue and foggy brain. They tried to cope as best they could. They despaired wishing for a better life yet never achieving the goal. Then one day quite by chance lucky stars shined their rays of hope into the deepest recesses of their hopeless hearts freeing them from shackles that bound them to a mediocre life of old age. They floated in a hot air balloon over above and beyond the pale to the other side where fun loving teenagers lived a magical life full of joyous occasions. They discovered ormus. To no more pain just pleasure thank you ormus. To all the cure joys who cheer us up thank you ormus. To all the angels who respect God's decisions appreciate God for giving us life and admiring God for creating the Universe thank you ormus. And last but not least to all the nature lovers here at NatMedTalk thank you ormus.
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