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Default We need a revolution.

Alternative medicine should be mainstream medicine. The four main causes of disease and death are:

1.) pollutants
2.) contaminants
3.) toxins
4.) inorganic matter

By the way, pharmaceuticals are inorganic. They may help with managing an illness and keeping it under control; but they do not cure the illness.

God meant for us to live in his Garden of Eden. In other words, Heaven on Earth. In the beginning, there were no diseases. God saw how good it was, and it was good. But now, there's pollution, contamination, toxins, and inorganic matter. BTW, minerals are inorganic and they are found in life. Therefore, they are really organic. It's plain and simple. If it's not the way God made it to be in the beginning of this planet (and other planets); then it is not good. God gave us everything we needed to live forever, and "Adam and Eve" blew it. It's right in the Bible. I cannot believe how ignorant and deceitful society has become. We need a revolution for what is right; for what God wants for us. And he does want what is best for us. What is best for us is the way God made it for us in the beginning of this planet (and the universe, and other planets). So if we continue to pollute, contaminate, make toxic, and kill this planet; then we are in for a lot more problems.

I can't believe I even wrote this. Everything I said is true, and yet the ideal condition of this planet is auld lang syne. It is what it is. I suppose if we got rid of all these problems on this planet, it could be achieved...but how would we get rid of all these problems?
"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions."

Oliver Wendell Holmes
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