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If we understand how Type I diabetes develops we should be able to work out safe ways of preventing this condition.
Type 1 diabetes: a disease of developmental origins
Click the box ⇣ сохранить статью for the FULL TEXT PDF to download to your PC.

The idea that a pathogenic gut flora leads to Type 1 diabetes is supported by this paper
Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic Treatment and Subsequent Childhood Type 1 Diabetes: A Nationwide Danish Cohort Study
Redemption of broad-spectrum antibiotics during infancy is associated with an increased risk of childhood type 1 diabetes in children delivered by cesarian section.
So the kids with a poor starting gut flora (C-section) who went on to use more antibiotic courses during infancy ended up with more Type 1 incidence.
This paper goes into the role of gut flora in Type 1 diabetes in greater detail
The role of the intestinal microbiota in*type*1 diabetes mellitus
The disease process leading to type*1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is, in many cases, initiated during the first few years of life, when the intestinal microbiota undergoes dynamic development
The available data are insufficient to assess whether alterations in the gut microbiota are involved in the initiation of T1DM
After the appearance of the first disease-predictive autoantibodies, children who progress to clinical T1DM have a reduced bacterial diversity and a decreased abundance of bacteria that produce butyrate or lactate
The mechanisms by which intestinal microorganisms might affect the initiation of β‑cell autoimmunity and the progression from seroconversion to clinical disease need to be identified

Standard operating procedures should be applied for the sampling, handling and storage of stool samples, as well as for DNA extraction, to minimize the effect of technical biases
I'll add another few posts to this thread to explain how vitamin d regulates gut bacteria.
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