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Default Doctor caused disease

Alzheimer’s is one disease that is often miss diagnosis and many people are old that their loved ones have Alzheimer’s when they don’t. Alzheimer’s can only be diagnosis when you are dead but doctors are quick to say they have Alzheimer’s.

There are about four ailments that mimic and they can be cured.
Korsakoff’s syndrome mimics Alzheimer and can be treated with vitamin B-1
What causes Alzheimers The medical system will say they don’t know probably because they cause it.
Your brain in 75% cholesterol and the part that is affected by the disease is 100% cholesterol. The doctors have been telling us for 60 years that cholesterol was bad and they even made statin drugs to lower cholesterol. Well 60 years ago Alzheimer’s was very very rare and now the number fifth killer. If you go no a cholesterol restricted diet and go on statins you have a 100% chance of getting Alzheimer’s
Enjoy eating fat and stop the oils and keep a sharp mind.
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