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Old 11-16-2017, 09:08 AM
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Mike65Denver will become famous soon enough
Default In 21st Century America who loves Mike65Denver

It doesn't take a lumberjack with all of his logs on the pile to figure that one out. It certainly isn't God who let's millions of devils give him billions of hells, the doctors at the clinics who dope him up with psychiatric drugs that give him nasty side effects, the psychiatrists who call him and his family bad names that hurt his feelings, the industrialists who poison him with billions of tons of toxins, the grocery store who sells him franken food that is low in nutrients, the sergeants who drilled him in boot camp or the officers who ordered him to kill on the battle field, the teachers who taught him civilizations ludicrous hype, the capitalist who worked him or the manager who tongue lashed him while he worked, the christian minister who gave him the spanish inquisition without the rack while bullish-----g him in a building, or the commercialists who sell him worthless trinkets that he doesn't need, or the incompetent city, state, and federal governments whose trillions of ridiculous rules and regulations prevent him from achieving peace of mind. All that bad serious stuff swims around in his memories ocean makes his life miserable. But after all that suffering Mike65Denver discovered a good solution to all of his many mental anguishes. The friends who love him are the imaginary ones.
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