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Old 10-27-2017, 11:40 AM
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Default CS dosage asthma Please help me :)

Hello, I have Samter's Triad asthma and would like to use CS in my nebulizer. My lungs matured to age 12 and are severely diseased on the top of both of them.

1. Do I need to cut the CS with anything to "cut" it or is the ionic water it is in enough?
2. I have Sovereign Silver Bio-Active and it says 10ppm which is smaller then talked about above in other post. I used a chart I found on a website to figure my amt I can do daily. I come out to 2.54 teaspoons. (212*12/10)
3. Is it better to make my own or ok to buy? If the brand I have isn't correct please advise a brand that is that I can find.
4. Do I need to put any "food grade" hydrogen peroxide (FGHP) in it when nebs are taken?
5. If FGHP is used how much?
6. How many time a day do I use the CS and or FGHP?
7. Do you know of a natural Dr in my area, Tipton, IA, that I can see about using this regimen?

Sorry for all the questions, but new to this and my case around IA is a hard case it seems for Drs. Even been sent to National Jewish in Denver, CO. Meds aren't seeming to work any longer and they want me to increase Predisone. I'm daily on 20 mg and it isn't working until I get to mega doses of 40 to 60 mg orally for weeks. I also seem to be allergic to so many meds, Rx and OTC as well as environmental factors. One huge one is the hand sanitizes people use as well as perfumes/colognes, dust etc. Just about you name it! So I know I am deficient in something or things and let's face it Dr at the U of IA are there to push Rx pills and I would rather be doing a natural course due to all the illnesses coming from Rx's. Not complaining, all the above is just how I feel and looking for a solution.

Thank you for any help.

Brenda P.
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