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Old 07-05-2018, 07:01 PM
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Default Children of the light like a pro.

Ordinary matter can become ormus and ormus turns ordinary people into children of the light. We have not felt an energy boost from ormus supplements. Maybe because we are making ormus. Companies can make ormus supplements with electricity. Nature makes ormus from the heat and pressure inside volcanoes. The body can make ormus elements too. When people eat raw organic and raw grass fed the extra energy from the H3O2 high energy living water loosens the bonds of the colloids and energizes the electrons turning them into ormus elements. People can also get H3O2 helw passing regular water through a magnetic vortex sleeve. We add this water to smoothies. Taking a wide variety of a lot of fibers and glyconutrients increases the number of microbes in the colon. They vibrate at higher energies. With the enzymes they make they can also make ormus elements. So the story has a happy ending.
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