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Old 01-05-2017, 03:27 AM
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Post Balancing hormones with supplements

Hi All, Apologies in advance for the long thread! I am writing here out of desperation but also interested to hear of any success stories with balancing hormones with supplements.

I am a 24yo female who, after a year of intense panic attacks/ anxiety (out of the blue), is now left with a host of symptoms that I am convinced are hormone related or Adrenal Fatigue. They generally come on strong the 1st day of my cycle and remain strong for up to two weeks, when then slink away to niggling annoyances more than life stopping symptoms. Just to name a few these are:

- fatigue (not just tired - hit by a bus fatigue)
- weak and sore leg muscles
- pins and needles/ weakness in my right arm
- tellogen effluvium (my hair is falling out and has been since Apr 16)
- really low blood sugar and blood pressure (and swings - light headedness, more sweating etc) (note - I have tested these with monitors/ glucose tests)
- blurred vision
- NO libido
- sweating/ chills
- off-balance dizziness
- random panic attacks/ intense anxiety

My blood tests generally come back in the normal range, I have had a 72 hr fasting test which showed nothing. Ultrasounds, nothing. MRI clear. I had a saliva test with cortisol being higher in the morning than normal, but in normal range at all other times. I have severe gluten sensitivity and avoid it all together (strictly GF since about 2012).

I have seen a host of specialists in the Western Medical fields and the only thing they seem to agree is that it is hormonal, and to treat with contraception to "balance it out"... I have a blood clotting disorder (genetic) so I can't go on the oral pill so they have landed on Implanon... Given my history with anxiety and depression I am so hesitant to do this (given some reviews I have read about it causing these things) and want to give myself a couple of months to try and balance everything out naturally.

I have read the Gotfriedd principals but found it a little overwhelming... and aimed at older women.

Does anyone have any recommendations?? I am sensitive to many supplements and therefore generally have to start on lower doses. If anyone has had any success at all balancing hormones I would be incredibly appreciative!

Thank you!
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Old 01-07-2017, 09:47 PM
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Default Supplements that worked for me

Good evening Eva!

I read your forum and was intrigued, because I myself struggled with what you listed below. A friend recommended me all natural/organic products through Nutrilite. I currently use a supplement for vision health, and a 31 day supply of multivitamins...once again all natural and organic and I have never experienced so much improvement in my health. I really recommend these products, and if you are interested please let me know!
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Old 01-08-2017, 08:35 PM
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My first thought was to wonder if your blood work has included checking your thyroid hormones? Can you find a holistic medicine physician near you to help check the diagnosis? A number of herbs may help balance the hormones, so you would want to ask about those. Also, your cortisol being high indicates stress - because it is high in the morning, you could have some kind of sleep disorder? Did you gain weight before the problems became severe? Finally, look on the Internet for information about probiotics that may help. The GF diet suggests there may be an imbalance there. I am still trying to heal my gut, so I don't have any suggestions, but "leaky gut" may be worth searching for.
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Old 03-20-2017, 02:35 PM
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@Medtalks. I see you mentioned Nutrilite supps. I went to their site to look for a calcium supp but for the life of me - maybe I'm computer-challenged - I can't get the info on the label, i.e., how much Ca & Mg & Vit D is contained in the pills. Can you help?
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Old 03-30-2017, 09:41 AM
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You may research a herb called red maca. It is a super food known to help balance the hormones. You can mix it with a smoothie or cook it with food. I have been taking is for over a year and have received relief from menstrual pain and I enjoy it
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Old 04-03-2017, 08:24 PM
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You are a prime candidate for chaga. There are several videos on youtube. Look up Doctor Cass Ingram. Chaga is cheap compared to other supplements and will fix you right up! Within a couple weeks of drinking chaga tea, my energy level tripled. Now I also take chaga capsules and my energy level is through the roof!!
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