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Default MMS1 Jim Humble the Good the Bad the Truth

I've been working with, and researching, chlorine dioxide for two years. I've made my own batches of nearly 100%, using a different formula. There are more than eight formulas to make chlorine dioxide. I have the Genesis II Church member card. I'm not anti-MMS.

Jim Humble is a great humanitarian, and must have been a good NASA engineer. However, his chemistry is bad, which he has said in his book. And his understanding of body biochemistry is completely wrong.
The medical establishment's attack, against MMS, is based on a simplistic, uninformed, negative, buzz word slander. Clorox bleach is not labeled with the skull poison symbol. Like many products, it has warnings. And the warnings are exaggerated, as usual. For instance, it warns of burns to the skin. Hah, I've had bleach on my hands many times. It feels slimy, but doesn't cause a burn. They also use the word "industrial" bleach. "Industrial" makes it sound bad. Supermarket packaged foods are made in a factory. It's an industry. There's nothing bad about being industrial. Sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide are in the general category of "bleach". That's good if you want to disinfect. And chlorine dioxide is used, for instance in municipal water supplies, because it is the safest one. As I will cover later, bleach oxidizers can do damage. So concentrations must be low.
I'm experienced enough to be aware of the inner works of some groups, especially ones like the FDA. The whole attack, on MMS, may possibly be traced to one man, Mr. Mizer in the US Dept. of Justice, since everyone is repeating his slander, about bleach. There's a cadre of such people who hate Christianity, and so can't stand medical people using the words "cure" or "miracle". For sure, the attack is uninformed, and so it is illegitimate.

Correcting Jim's mistaken ideas about body chemistry: Chlorine dioxide is not an ion. It does not have a charge. It is a molecule. Molecules do not have a charge. Chlorine dioxide is unusual, in that it doesn't dissolve, ionize, in water. Body cells are a complex structure of many molecules. They do not have a charge. So chlorine dioxide is not repelled by body cells, and it is not attracted to only bad bacteria. Bacteria are cells, and so do not have a charge. Chlorine dioxide is a free radical, meaning it has an unfilled electron space. This is how it oxidizes. When reacting with organic molecules, chlorine dioxide usually functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced back to the chlorite ion. When oxidizing some inorganics, like ferric oxide, it can accept a total of five electrons, which would break it down to a chloride ion, as in salt, and two oxygen ions. Jim's claim that electron shells hold atoms together, and that the nucleus would fly apart if the electrons are drawn away, is false. It takes a high powered atom smasher to do that.

Chlorine dioxide is said to work differently on different pathogens. Bacteria, fungi, parasite and tumor cells are vulnerable to oxidants because of these components; thiols, polyamines, purines, amino acids with thiols, phenols, and amines [Dr. Thomas Hesselink's paper about malaria]. The method of chlorine dioxide bacterial kill, at low ppm concentration, seems to occur by the disruption of protein synthesis and enzyme inactivation. This is similar to the non-toxic mechanism of some common antibiotics. It does not blow a hole in cell walls. It acts on good as well as bad bacteria, so probiotics should be taken after treatment is finished. Oxidation of RNA and DNA do not appear to take place, or are at least unimportant in the process. The site of action lies in the soluble fraction of the cell and there appears to be no damage to internal structural components such as ribosomes. At high ppm, the method of rapid bacterial and viral kill appears to be the softening and destroying of the cell wall, or viral capsid.

Chlorine dioxide is known for eliminating odors and tastes, as well as disinfecting. It attacks sulfur bonds, so is used to eliminate the smell of hydrogen sulfide. It reacts with only six amino acids. Paper pulp, and textile companies, like it because it bleaches without damaging the fibers. It can be used to clean old archived documents. It's known for removing iron and manganese impurities in water. It is extremely good at penetrating, whether water or oil. It's approved for use on food fats and flour.

Chlorine dioxide can definitely hurt body tissue, as well as pathogens. It kills algae, parasite organisms, and some insect eggs or larvae, such as mosquitoes. If the concentration is high enough, it can kill zebra mussels and some fish, such as trout (the LC50 for rainbow trout is 290 ppm for 96 hours). Since I believed Jim's harmlessness claim, at first, I took massive doses of pure chlorine dioxide, and inhaled full breaths of it. Once, my lungs hurt for three days afterwards. And massive doses caused my ears to ring, probably damaging sensitive inner ear nerve hairs. So doses should be kept small, and luckily chlorine dioxide works with the lowest doses, compared to other disinfectants. There are many institutional papers assessing the toxicity of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite and chlorate. The main problem area is red blood cells. With prolonged, higher dose (up to 1000 ppm for chlorine dioxide, and 100 ppm for chlorite and chlorate) daily use in rat's drinking water, for 1-2 months, some hemoglobin can be oxidized to methemoglobin which doesn't carry oxygen. Also, red blood cell count can decrease. Chlorate, (ClO3-) which can rupture RBCs, is the worst with serious RBC loss after nine months. There is a claim that some chlorate can be produced in MMS reactions, such as with pH less than 3, and some chemical studies claim chlorine dioxide can change into some chlorate in water. Red blood cells have glutathione to protect them from oxidation, but cell levels can be decreased with prolonged treatment. Other studies show no methemoglobin at these dose levels. One study with low dose, single dose, pure chlorine dioxide using people, showed no problems (at 0.34 mg/kg of body weight at 24 ppm). In these studies, the doses of sodium chlorite and chlorate were only 1/10th of the amount of chlorine dioxide, evidently for safety reasons. Different studies have found the following safe levels of chlorine dioxide in all of the drinking water, per day: 15 mg/kg in mice for 1 month; 9 mg/kg in green monkeys for 1-2 months; 2 mg/kg in Sprague-Dawley rats for 3 months. At higher doses there could be some nasal irritation from chlorine dioxide gas evaporating at the drinking tube. Effect on newborn rat pups: decreased pup development, decreased thyroid hormone levels (thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are phenols), and decreased brain cell count, were found at 14 mg/kg of body weight per day in drinking water for the mother rats during gestation and lactation. Dosing below 14 mg/kg had no observed effect, such as in a 3 mg/kg test. I don't think anyone should take maintenance doses for years, especially with so much sodium chlorite in the MMS mix. And doses should be in mg/kg or /pound of body weight, not in drops. Also, I haven't seen any study that showed that these oxidizers only last one hour in the body. With the massive doses, that I took, I felt a high feeling still there the next morning. There probably hasn't been much research about the effect of chlorite and chlorine dioxide on prescription drugs in the body, but oxidizers are one thing used by illegal drug users to nullify drugs in their urine test. So they probably can affect some prescription drugs in the body. For myself, I would only take low dose pure chlorine dioxide, such as chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), or the new MMS1 tablets in a glass of water [do not swallow the tablet].

As chlorine dioxide is a free radical, antioxidants will quench it back into a chlorite ion. This happens with many antioxidants; Vit. E, Vit. A, CoQ10, flavonoids, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, etc., not only vitamin C. So no antioxidant supplements, or natural juices or foods should be consumed with chlorine dioxide. Lemon, or lime juice, has vitamin C and other antioxidants, so are not good to mix with chlorine dioxide.

Jim believes that MMS gets completely changed into chlorine dioxide, in the stomach, if you swallow it. This is no more true than what happens when activating MMS in a glass beaker. There is only a small continuous basal secretion of gastric acid, on an empty stomach, of usually less than 10 mEq/hour. It takes food to stimulate the secretion of gastric fluid. And acidifying sodium chlorite does not produce chlorine dioxide as the first step. It produces chlorous acid, HClO2. [5 HCl + 5 NaClO2 = 5 HClO2 + 5 NaCl] HClO2 is unstable, and breaks down into chlorine dioxide and hydrochloric acid. [5 HClO2 decomposes to 4 ClO2 + HCl + 2 H2O] Furthermore, only about 30% chlorous acid is produced from the acidification. That leaves about 70% leftover sodium chlorite. Citric acid is a weak acid, and only produces about 10% chlorine dioxide. And citric acid can have the taste problem. Luckily, the leftover sodium chlorite is also a disinfectant, although it is much harsher than chlorine dioxide, and not as selective. With exact concentrations and conditions, HCl can produce nearly 100% chlorine dioxide. Also, the acidification of 1.3M sodium chlorite with 10% acetic acid yielded almost entirely chlorine dioxide as the major product of the disproportionation. Acidified Sodium Chlorite is used by many food processing companies, and the short lived chlorous acid is also a disinfectant.
Sodium chlorite is a different animal. I have brushed my teeth with less than one ounce of 80% sodium chlorite solution. Afterwards, one corner of my lips hurt, and my gums were red and sore, with a small amount of bleeding when brushed. This took several days to heal. A single dose of 105 mg/kg weight will kill half of rats tested. That's called the LD50, lethal dose. For a 150 lb person, that's a little over 7 grams. In another test, with cats, a single dose of 1.5 mg/kg caused as much as 32% methemoglobin. That's losing about 1/3 of your blood oxygen supply. A 90 day study on rats found a No Adverse Effect Level at 1 mg/kg. Another 13 week study found very serious consequences at the highest doses; death, increased spleen and adrenal weights, ulceration, chronic inflammation and edema in the stomach. In a 90 day study, red blood cell glutathione levels, in a high dose group, were 40% below those of controls. MMS with citric acid has about 90% sodium chlorite leftover. It would take a professional to recommend a safe level, and unfortunately, Jim isn't being professional.

Under some circumstances, calcium hypochlorite, MMS2, solutions can decompose to form chlorate. When explaining MMS3, in Jim's book, he notes that calcium hypochlorite will not quickly dissolve in water. He notes that hypochlorous acid is formed in the body. Yes. However it is formed inside white blood cells when they find an invading micro-organism, and only then. So it works only on the invader. Normal mammalian body cells, as well as bacteria, do not have a catalytically active detoxifying mechanism. So the hypochlorous acid destroys body tissue as well as invaders. And ingesting it puts it in your bloodstream and body. No one should ingest MMS2, calcium hypochlorite, in any way. Swallowing a capsule containing solid calcium hypochlorite must surely "burn" the stomach. Also, calcium hypochlorite reacts with hydrochloric acid, stomach acid, to produce chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is the worst of all types of chlorine compounds.
[Here's a quote from one of Jim's books: "Actually my friend next door in the Nevada desert, Bill Boynton, came over one day and said that calcium hypochlorite killed germs in swimming pools and it might just be another MMS. He suggested that we try taking small amounts and see what happens. I figured if he was game to do it, I was too. We made up some gel capsules with calcium hypochlorite in them and started taking them and when they didn't kill us, we had some friends take them. ... I decided to use the gel caps and started sending it out to people in the gel cap form. It's something a doctor could never do. He has the Hippocratic Oath and AMA and FDA looking over his shoulder. But I am an inventor and never took that oath." p.112.
Stabilized Oxygen, as sodium chlorite, is known by some people as a biocide for killing parasites. And at first, this is what Jim used, alone, to cure malaria. It's not clear who started selling Stabilized Oxygen, or why the mistaken name was used. It goes back far enough that the ingredient was not listed, leading to confusion. In 1929, Dr. Moisés de Guevarra was selling a dry powder named "stabilized oxygen". In 1971, Dr. La Mar was the first to use a solution with "stabilized oxygen" to increase blood oxygen level. Evidently, it's unknown if either of these was sodium chlorite. E.D. Goodloe, 1971, sold "aerobic stabilized oxygen", produced in a 2-month-long production process in 14 stages. The oxygen is in association with sodium chloride, not sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite could used alone, as long as doses are below the vomiting threshold. Making up a new name, for Stabilized Oxygen or sodium chlorite, is what commercial companies do to sell a product. And changing the wording, of MMS, only causes confusion. Health newsletters simply use the names of the chemicals.

Getting sick, with Jim's method, is not a herxheimer reaction. The herxheimer reaction (Jarisch and Herxheimer) is a phenomena originally observed in the treatment of syphilis. In general terms, it is described as a temporary increase of symptoms when antibiotics are administered. This effect happens with only a few diseases. Similar reactions have been found to occur in two kinds of borreliosis (Lyme disease and relapsing fever), brucellosis, Q fever, and trypanosomiasis. Herxheimer can occur within days to weeks after the onset of antibiotic therapy. The most common effects include: increased joint or muscle pain, headaches, chills, fever (usually low grade), drop in blood pressure, hives and rash. Lyme is main one now to guard against. The extremely large doses of pure chlorine dioxide, that I took, caused no nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. In fact I felt high until the next morning. I've also swallowed a half eye-dropper of the 80% liquid sodium chlorite alone in water. It caused a vomit stomach spasm reaction within 30 minutes. Chlorous acid is evidently the one that causes liquid diarrhea. I got that with my first use of MMS with lime juice. The vomiting and diarrhea are the body's attempt to get rid of what you ingested. They are not a die-off or Herxheimer effect.
We owe Jim for making this subject public, and his other work. But I discovered, from being on the Genesis II Church Forum, that everyone was extremely closed minded about saying anything that disagreed with Jim. They even ban people who disagree with anything, even a chemist. So I have to conclude that Jim's history, with NASA or otherwise, has made him somewhat arrogant. I don't like to criticize people, but he's created an atmosphere that he is perfect, and knows more. That's the kind of problem in cults. Chlorine dioxide, and acidified sodium chlorite, are not new. There's been plenty of official health research, and patents, long before Jim found that "stabilized oxygen" (sodium chlorite) kills the malaria parasite. And some of his protocols may have too much sodium chlorite per day. He's so unprofessional that he doesn't give dosages per pound of weight of the patient. Obviously Jim has done no stomach sample tests, or blood tests to prove his claims. Chlorine dioxide has been said, by a chemist society, to be the best anti-pathogen. But do your own research.
I'm not trying to scare you away from MMS. As long as you stay within the No Adverse Effect Levels, it's usable. If I had a deadly disease, I would use it even at somewhat damaging levels. And white blood cells already produce oxidants to fight infections.
One benefit of these chlorine oxidants is that, in low doses, they can stimulate white blood cells to produce cytokines which stimulate other white blood cells, activating the immune system.
There's a great Patent, from 1990's work, with very exacting biochemical research. The test studies showed that sodium chlorite alone is successful at treating autoimmune diseases, which may include diabetes-1, Parkinson, MS, hepatitis, etc. [Use of a chemically-stabilized chlorite solution for inhibiting an antigen-specific immune response]

Lab Tests with Chlorine Dioxide

Disinfection examples include bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold, algae, spores, protozoans, cryptosporidia, actinomycetes, cysts, giardia and larval eggs (mosquito, tse tse fly), insect eggs and larvae (agricultural pests, fruit fly, floricultural and horticultural insects), problematic veligers (zebra mussels, quagga mussels), fish and shellfish diseases (VHS, KHS, ISA) and many others.
Unlike chlorine, ClO2 has the ability to kill water-borne viruses such as legionella, cholera, dengue, hepatitis and typhoid. ClO2 also kills airborne viruses when misted into air. Airborne viruses include anthrax, influenza, SARS, smallpox, chickenpox and avian flu. ClO2 kills all known bacteria, including coliform, salmonella, E-coli, listeria and cinobacteria. ClO2 eliminates microbial slime (biofilm).

Hospital Infection Research Laboratory UK, Institute de Recherche Microbiologique France, Micropathology UK, Biotech-Germande France, Bluscientific UK, PHLS UK
Spores: Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus subtilis var niger, Anthrax [used to disinfect the DC anthrax attack]
Mycobacteria: Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare, Mycobacterium chelonae, Mycobacterium fortuitum, Mycobacterium terrae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis Poli-R
Viruses: Canine Parvovirus, Coxsackivirus B3, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes simplex virus Type 1, HIV Type 1, Human Norovirus, Influenza virus Type A2, Poliovirus Type 1, Poliovirus Type 2, SARS,
Fungi: Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans
Bacteria: Acetinobacter baumannii, Clostridium difficile [C. diff], Enterococcus faecium (vancomycin resistant), Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli [E. coli], Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (gentamicin resistant), Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin resistant) [MRSA], Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria monocytogenes
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@idea man
This was a very awesome and dense post and there is so much to take in with your science and MMS expounding.
I would like to reread much of it- but wanted to chime in and say that the advocates I know with MMS always remind folks to never breathe it in.... and I think the genesis site said it too.

the gas in the air should never be breathed in and so even small doses should be made with proper ventilation. Some use a wet towel over the mouth. And it is no wonder you were dizzy - it should not be inhaled.
Also - megadoses of anything can shock the system and so the high and ringing you felt seems like a normal bodily reaction.

I also believe the herx effect can happen anytime someone heals - with herbs or with cleanses like "MSM" or clay -
Now maybe the "big". time herxheimer reactions are only related to healing major illness - I think we still all have small healing crisises anytime we cleanse and heal. The healing crisis is a normal byproduct of helping repair the system and improving immune function.

A healing crisis occurs because we have shaken the system and the body is healing - it makes sense that a plethora of symptoms would unfold when we cleanse - feeling nausea - ears ringing - tiredness - etc.
and sure - the body is expelling the MMS (or herbs used for cleansing) but pathogens too.
and as I am sure you know - this is why we go slow - start slow and monitor progress with all things we put in.

And the folks I know with mms (one who knew jim) well they have people start with half drops of mms for days - and then slowly increase and back off and then add. It helps prevent the major effects you noted. Some folks do enemas with it and add a tiny bit ----

I just wanted to note this because megadoses of anything can shock the body.

I used MMS in heavy Doses one summer a couple of years ago - and believe I passed certain pathogens - along with my body expelling the MMS.
But alone , mms was not enough to heal and restore my. Bioterrain. I needed to rebuild my. Body's systems. (And I had heavy metal poisoning and used EDTA and niacin flushing for that)
I then stayed away from mms for a long time. I just wanted to only use herbs and vitamins minerals etc.
I did use it for pet water - and then went back to it for a few enemas - and had powerful results. So I like mms - but feel it should be used in small doses and with great care.

I believe that low doses of MMS are the ideal way to use It - and it must be in conjunction with rebuilding the Bioterrain...
The goal is to get a person's immune system back I shape - and MMS can be one helpful part of that if it helps rid the pathogens .... but the person must rebuild the terrain.

I also believe that it is wrong for the genesis site to ban truth from contributors - that is dangerous censorship and it is wrong! You are wise in that area too - I hate biased censorship !

Well thanks again for the science behind MMS and thx for sharing your experience with using it and studying the many angles you shared here.
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Thank you Hope.
I wanted to put my ideas on the Net, but don't have a website. I know it's too long for a Forum, but found this one. I also see MMS was a big topic years ago, and there's not as much interest now.
I felt it is important to correct Jim's mistaken ideas.
Yes, I know what you said about possible die-off reactions. I'm not sure how often that may happen, or with what diseases. I think that can be more like aches and pains.
Breathing chlorine dioxide gas is not unpleasant, and you don't need to be careful when mixing normal MMS. It took a full deep breath of a large experimental batch, that I made, to hurt my lungs. I deliberately inhaled a full breath.
I'm glad you could tolerate heavy doses. I'm surprised that didn't work fully for you. What problem do you have?
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For Sodium Chlorite
Probable Dosages For Various Body Weights

Weight Weight Start Average Maximum Lethal
9 lb 4 kg 1 mg 4 mg 8 mg 400 mg
13 lb 6 kg 1.5 mg 6 mg 12 mg 600 mg
22 lb 10 kg 2.5 mg 10 mg 20 mg 1 g
30 lb 14 kg 3.5 mg 14 mg 28 mg 1.4 g
44 lb 20 kg 5 mg 20 mg 40 mg 2 g
66 lb 30 kg 7.5 mg 30 mg 60 mg 3 g
100 lb 45 kg 11 mg 45 mg 90 mg 4.5 g
154 lb 70 kg 17.5 mg 70 mg 140 mg 7 g
220+ lb 100+ kg 25 mg 100 mg 200 mg 10 g

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There's only one basic Protocol:

Use pure chlorine dioxide.
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Is anyone still interested in MMS, or is it old news?
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jim humble, mms
Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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