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Originally Posted by VB1988 View Post
Hello! I am glad you are cured. Could you answer these questions?

1) How did you get tested for clamidia? Urine culture? Semen Culture? Or only PCR? How do you know you didn't have any other infection?

2) Did you take clori, doxi or azithromicina any time before combining them with rifampil?

3) What were the dosages of your treatments?

4) What were your symptoms???

and especially

5) How did you get rifampin prescribed???? Do you have a trustworthy urologist that followed you during the treatment?

Thank you very much!
1. Initially I was diagnosed with EIA tests and later again with DFA tests. Both tests are performed on material obtained with a swab. The first PCR (on urine) I did was after my final therapy (I should have done it earlier as it is the most reliable, but it never occured to me). After that therapy I had 6 negative PCRs, two negative DFAs and few positive and negative EIAs. EIA is the least reliable and my uro agrees that I'm cured (no symptoms, small prostate) and we should not pay attention to these random positive results (EIAs for chlamydia are known for false positives by reacting on different bacteria). It is recommended non-PCR positive results for chlamydia to be retested with PCR. During the repeated abuse of antibiotics I developed mild bacterial urethritis and still have it (trying to cure it naturally after so much antibiotics). This happens because antibiotics disturb the normal urethral flora. Before this no other bacteria was found, except for chlamydia. But who knows for sure? It could be that thru the whole time I treated the wrong beast!

2. I went thru one month long single drug therapies with doxy, levo and different macrolides (clari, roxy, ery) and stuff I don't even remember. The first time I took azy was in combination with rifampin just because it was used so in the clinical trial. My uro considers azy to be inferior to clari. From my own research he could be right and it is easier to keep track on dosage when you take the pill every day (like with clari) than when you take it once every few days (like with azy).

3. Don't remember. I know how much pills I was taking, but I don't remember their weight. Better ask a doctor about that. Could be dangerous doing it on your own. Macrolides could give you a heart attack and rifampin could melt your liver.

4. Feeling of painful bump between legs. Yellow semen in low volume... and not the perfect urinating performance a young guy should have.

5. My urologist was in dismay. He had few hard to treat chlamydia cases, but nothing like this. He agreed to do the experiment, but he stronlgy objected agains doing two pills for longer than a month or 40 days max... I took them for two months on my own and probably it was an overkill. Besides, in my country, although illegal, is very easy to buy antibiotics without prescription. Sometimes I don't even bother to show it to the pharmacist.

And one last advice. Before treating something, be sure that you actually have it. There are too many unreliable tests, labs and quacks. Prostatitis-like symptoms could also come from pelvic floor dysfunction or lower back issues.
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